Sister Wives: Meri Brown Throws Shade

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Throws Shade

Meri Brown is very open and straightforward with her fans. In relation to the recent events that have happened to the Brown family, we have seen that Christine Brown has split with her husband Kody Brown. The rest of the spouses stand by her side, but it seems that Meri is casting a shadow on Christine Brown.

She has shown her reluctance , but it seems that she is not ready to quit like Christine Brown. What has she shared on social media and is she still casting a shadow over Christine?

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Throws Shade

Clearly, not all wives are happy with Kody Brown, but Christine Brown has been the only one to leave him behind. She’s tried to stand up for himself and his wives, but Kody Brown just can’t listen to anyone but himself. This has really upset Christine and is one of the many reasons she left her husband.

It seems that Meri Brown is upset that Christine Brown has left the marriage, and she is quite open about it. This is a bit odd, given that Christine and Meri Brown seemed to have made an agreement last season that they would both move back to Utah.

Meri Brown posted on Instagram this week, “Remember, being happy doesn’t mean you have it all. It simply means you’re thankful for all you have.” Her fans immediately thought she was throwing Christine under the bus when she wrote this. There are also fans who think Meri is just jealous of Christine for getting out of the marriage. Speculation abounds and Meri is not new to posting such cryptic quotes.

There are many rumors that Meri and Kody are no longer together, but nothing like that has been proven yet. They are still together and Kody still gives her the same attitude as last season. If you remember, last season she told the cameras that she is no longer romantic with him because she is no longer in love and romance is only for people in love. He continues to treat her like garbage and yet she is still here.

Written by Hannah Gaynor

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