Sister Wives Patriarch Kody Has Been At Robyn Brown’s House Constantly’ Amid The Pandemic

Sister Wives Patriarch Kody Has Been At Robyn Brown’s House Constantly’ Amid The Pandemic

In Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives, Robyn Brown admitted that she has turned down marriage proposals from other men and instead decided to marry Kody Brown. Kody Brown and Robyn Brown have been married for 11 years, and over the years Robyn has grown accustomed to Kody only visiting her once or twice a week.

But the pandemic has shaken up the Brown family’s internal affairs, and the way Kody divides his time between his wives has changed drastically.

Us Weekly shared a preview clip of the Sister Wives episode on Sunday, January 2, in which Robyn Brown discussed her previous marriage proposals. When the topic of the pandemic came up between Janelle and Robyn, who were sitting outdoors having a socially detached conversation, Robyn reminded Sister Wives fans that Kody has been spending most of his time with her.

However, Robyn Brown claimed that this is not what she “signed up for” and during her confab she gave the impression that she would prefer Kody not to be around so much. “Lately, it’s been constantly,” Robyn said of having Kody at her home, as opposed to the one or two days she was used to before the pandemic.

As the only one of Kody Brown’s four wives at the time who followed his strict protocols, Robyn Brown spent most of her time with him. In addition to claiming that Kody’s extra time in his home was something she “didn’t sign up for”, Robyn also claimed that he had been unhappy because of his difficult relationships with his other wives.

Robyn Brown expressed that having Kody Brown in her home around the clock dealing with her unhappiness has taken its toll on their marriage. Christine intervened during her solo testimony as well, and admitted that she and her children have more fun when Kody is not around – perhaps alluding to her and Kody Brown’s separation.

Janelle also mentioned that she prefers her independence to having her husband with her all the time.

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