Sister Wives: Meri Says She’s ‘Not A Yoga Fan’

Sister Wives: Meri Says She’s ‘Not A Yoga Fan’

Meri Brown is showing her yoga moves on Instagram, but the star of Sister Wives says she’s not really a fan of the popular activity. Although her daughter Mariah Brown is a greedy yogi who travelled to Bali to complete her yoga teacher training, she has apparently failed to involve her mother in the practice.

Sister Wives: Meri Says She’s ‘Not A Yoga Fan’

The June 11 post on social media shows Meri Brown and her daughter Mariah Brown doing yoga outdoors, with both women showing their warrior pose backwards. Meri Brown explained that the image was a return to early spring, presumably from before the guidelines for social detachment were in force.

Back to a spring day when the yoga teacher tries to show her mother some yoga moves,” wrote Meri Brown. “She’s strong, I’m clumsy, puppies just want to play. Did I mention I’m not a yoga fan”?

In a later comment, Meri Brown revealed that the only part of a typical yoga class where she felt good was the end, when you relax in the corpse (or Savasana) pose. “It’s too boring for me, too slow… lol! She says that’s why I need it! The TLC star wrote about her opinion on yoga.

The ‘Sister Wives’ Star Seems To Be Undergoing A Transformation

Yoga may not be right for Meri Brown, but the star of Sister Wives is looking for other ways to transform her life. Recently, her social media feed has been filled with posts about how she has focused on living her best life, ignoring haters and loving herself. Fans have also noticed that the mom of one of them seems to have lost weight recently.

“You look very fit and happy,” commented a recent post. “Meri you look great! I see you’ve lost a few pounds. You must feel great,” someone else wrote.

Meri Brown also shared the evolution of her thinking on political and social issues. In a recent Instagram post, she apologized for not speaking up before the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. She admitted that while “she never considered herself racist”, at first she also misunderstood the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Years ago, when I started hearing about the #BlackLivesMatter movement, I also started hearing about how all lives are important,” he wrote. “Yes! Yes, we all do! But in my ignorance at the time I didn’t understand why there was a Black Lives Matter movement and what was behind it. She added that she is now committed to listening, learning and doing her part to “contribute to change”.

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