Sister Wives: Wife And Target?

Sister Wives: Wife And Target?

Robyn Brown felt targeted, especially in the final season of Sister Wives. With the strict pandemic protocols put in place by Kody, Robyn was the only one who was truly obligated. Kody Brown felt that Christine and Janelle Brown were more careless.

As for Meri Brown, she didn’t count for much in his decision-making process since their relationship had become platonic. Because Kody Brown spent most of his time at Robyn’s, some of the boys developed anger toward her. They believed she had a hand in creating the strict rules of the pandemic. They also felt like she was taking Kody away from the rest of the family. Now, in the second part of the story, Robyn herself explains why she feels like “the target.”

When Robyn first joined the family in 2010, she seemed perfect. She adored Kody Brown so much that she even called him her soulmate. Having been married before, Robyn knew exactly what she wanted in a husband. In addition, she was determined to have a plural marriage.

Meri Brown was the one who encouraged Kody to pursue Robyn and the two hit it off. Robyn’s three children from her previous marriage also adapted very well to their new family.

As she continued to integrate, she gave birth to two biological Brown children. Selflessly, she offered to be a surrogate mother for Meri Brown and Kody Brown. They only had one biological child and had always hoped to have more, but with little success. In 2014, Meri Brown divorced Kody Brown so that Robyn could marry him and he could legally adopt her three children. At the same time, Meri was heading into a black hole and the family worked hard to pull her out. Robyn also seemed to be taking the reins as head wife.

The other three were establishing themselves in businesses. Janelle Brown always worked, as did Meri in some capacity. Robyn had My SisterWife’s Closet but has since quit. Meri started her own MLM and opened a bed and breakfast.

Christine started an MLM while Janelle pursued real estate and started a fitness website. However, Robyn has remained stagnant and extremely loyal to Kody’s every wish. Now, she is under fire for her obedience and explaining why she is the target.

Sister Wives: Wife And Target?

In the second part of the season 16 story, host Sukanya Krishnan asks Robyn Brown if she thinks she’s an easy target. The simple answer is yes. But why does she feel this way?

Robyn claims it’s because she gets along with Kody Brown. Throughout the season, Kody has acknowledged that Robyn has followed his rules like his five children. He even went so far as to call her the obedient wife.

She said she would do what needed to be done to have Kody Brown around. Also, she noted that her children were at such a fragile time that they needed to have their father around. However, toward the end of the season she had talked to her sister wives about how challenging it was to have Kody around all the time. She hadn’t signed up for a monogamous marriage. Yet, she kept her rules so faithfully that some of Janelle’s children believed she was the culprit behind them.

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