Teen Mom 2: Is Teen Mom 2 Star Kail Getting Her Own Show?

Teen Mom 2: Is Teen Mom 2 Star Kail Getting Her Own Show?

Kail Lowry hasn’t been filming for Teen Mom 2 for months and now she’s hinted that she might be getting her own show. Kail Lowry recently told her fans that she took some time away from social media to deal with some personal stuff, but now she’s back, interacting with her fans again.

The 29-year-old mother of four took to her Instagram stories to take part in a Q&A with fans.

Teen Mom 2: Is Teen Mom 2 Star Kail Getting Her Own Show?

One comment Kail Lowry received from a fan told the MTV star: “You need your own show!”. Kail Lowry recently told his fans that he hasn’t filmed any episodes of Teen Mom 2 in about three months and took a pay cut because of it.

Rumor has it that Kail Lowry didn’t quit Teen Mom 2, but temporarily stopped filming when she found out her ex Chris Lopez had signed on to the show. Chris recently told fans that “someone” told him he still wouldn’t be allowed to film with his and Kail’s sons Lux and Creed. When Teen Mom 2 fans heard the news, they automatically assumed that Kail was somehow involved.

Perhaps Kail Lowryis latest video is a precursor to her promoting her podcast even harder, as in recent months she’s been without a salary from MTV. Kail Lowry hosts two podcasts – “Baby Mamas No Drama” with host Vee Rivera and “Coffee Convos” with host Lindsie Chrisley.

Kail Lowry hinted that the way she edits Teen Mom 2 doesn’t always work in her favour. When she records her podcast episodes, she gets to control the narrative. It will be interesting to see which shots of Chris and Kail Teen Mom 2 chooses to air next season.

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