Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Evans Flaunts New Makeover

Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Evans Flaunts New Makeover

Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans has outdone herself this time around. She wanted to change up her eye makeup. Jenelle decided to try a new cat eye look that is nothing like the classic one.

She topped it off with silver glitter and pink lip gloss. While Jenelle Evans admitted that her makeup was “insane,” she still approved of it. However, this was not the case for her fans. They thought she looked ridiculous. Jenelle took that look even further by adding some tattoos to her new cat eye look.

Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Evans Flaunts New Makeover

Jenelle Evans is back on TikTok with another look. This time she had fake tattoos all over her arms. They weren’t your typical fake tattoos that you apply with a little water. Jenelle used a filter to make it look like she had tattoos all over her arms. There were huge mermaids on them. Jenelle continued to play around with her new look while trying out the filter.

Jenelle Evans wanted her fans to “get unready with me.” She showed her followers her makeup removal routine when she showed off her new ink. Fans were confused when they saw her with tattoo sleeves. In the video, Jenelle washed off her heavy cat eye makeup before going to bed.


Getting ready for bed 🙃

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The tattoos were inspired by a TikTok filter, which she demonstrated in a previous clip. She liked the tattoos so much that she decided to use the filter for this new video. The reality star filmed herself washing the thick makeup off her face for a while. Jenelle Evans didn’t share how she managed to do this.

She struggled a bit as she rubbed her skin with a purple towel. Jenelle continued her nighttime routine by applying a moisturizing sleep mask and putting lotion on her hands. However, fans were distracted by the colored ink on her arms. They think she made a huge mistake.

Fans took to the Teen Mom subreddit to comment on Jenelle Evans’ new video. Some of them admitted that they couldn’t keep their eyes off her new tattoos. They thought they were real. Others criticized Jenelle for using a ridiculous filter.

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