Teen Mom 2 Star Jade Cline Glows

Teen Mom 2 Star Jade Cline Glows

Teen Mom 2 star Jade Cline was recently pictured in a pretty pink swinging crop top and super short shorts. Jade Cline has made no secret of the extensive cosmetic surgery she underwent earlier this year.

The 24-year-old mum-of-one had a Brazilian butt lift, 360° liposuction all over her body and underwent liposuction.

Teen Mom 2 Star Jade Cline Glows

Jade Cline took to her Instagram feed on Thursday night to share a few random selfies as she modeled an all-pink ensemble. In the pictures, Jade showed off her new platinum blonde hair, which she wore parted in the middle and wore black-rimmed glasses.

Jade Cline opted for a peach-coloured two-piece outfit to accentuate her curves. She combined a soft crop top with long sleeves with matching shorts with a drawstring waist. Jade’s black bra peeked out from underneath the crop top as she posed with one hand on her hip and the other by her hair.

The Teen Mom 2 star took advantage of the perfect light coming in from her bedroom window, with streams of light coming through the blind reflecting onto her in the photo, adding an extra glow.

Jade Cline’s cosmetic surgery was one of the main themes of last season’s Teen Mom 2. Things took a turn for the worse when Jade was rolled out of recovery and into the hands of her parents.

Jade’s mother, Christy, went off with her boyfriend Corey and disappeared for over three hours while Jade waited in excruciating pain for her medication. Christy sparked rumours that she stole Jade’s prescription drugs, given her own history of drug abuse, but Jade later defended her mother and cleared her of any wrongdoing.

Luckily for Jade Cline, her Teen Mom 2 co-star and BFF Briana DeJesus came to the rescue to save the day as she allowed Jade to stay in her Florida home to finish her recovery from surgery in peace. Jade was extremely grateful for Briana’s offer of help and even said that she was sure she would have died if Briana hadn’t come to her aid after her surgery.

Today, Jade Cline is making her dreams come true by building her own beauty salon, which is currently under construction.

Jade shared with her followers gorgeous pictures of the salon, which is due to be completed and open for business next month.

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