This Week’s Episode Of 90 Day Fiancé Had Many Dramatic Moments.

This Week’s Episode Of 90 Day Fiancé Had Many Dramatic Moments.

Jibri and David ended their dispute over Miona Bell while trying to record a song in the production studio. They decided to put aside their disagreement and release a song that everyone liked. Miona Bell met with Brandi, Jibri’s bandmate, and looked at wedding dresses. She told Brandi that she expected Jibri to stand up for her more.

Jibri Bell and David sat down to discuss, and Jibri laid out all her concerns about Miona Bell’s priorities being mainly on herself and how difficult it is for him. Mohamed and Yve sat down the morning after Yve came home late after going out with her friend. Mohamed scolded her for this and said he thought her friends were poisoning her against him.

Yve wanted Mohamed to understand that she had no intention of conforming to his lifestyle and was surprised at how much he wanted her to change.

Mohamed reminded Yve that she had seen the way he was when she had visited him four times in Egypt, but she said it was not like it was in real life.

Kobe Blaise and Emily Bieberly went out riding before Emily Bieberly sat alone with her parents to ask them to pay for the wedding. The parents agreed but expressed their concerns about how Kobe and Emily would become independent.

David, Emily Bieberly’s father, sat down with Kobe Blaise to ask him what his financial and life plan was to support Emily and Koban.

He said he wanted to work with David in his architecture company so that he could one day take over the business. David was annoyed and shocked by Kobe’s intentions and discovered that Kobe had no training or experience to support him.

Shaeeda spent time cooking with Zaynah, Bilal’s daughter, and some of the things Shaeeda said and pushed, such as being called “Umi,” made Zaynah feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. Bilal, Shaeeda, and the children went out on scooters. Bilal and Shaeeda argued because Shaeeda claimed that Bilal always had to win a conversation. Bilal said he had never argued so much in his life as with Shaeeda.

Patrick and his brother had a conversation about Thais’s attitude and her ingratitude before Patrick and Thais dated.

Patrick gave Thais gifts, including an iPhone, but told her she could not use the location if she wanted the phone. An upset Thais brought up Patrick’s past infidelity and both told their different versions. However, they agreed to put the betrayal in the past.

John surprises Thais and Patrick by saying he is planning a house party. Patrick’s colleagues and a group of random girls arrived and Patrick’s behavior made Thais feel better and the two had a messy PDA session in front of the people at the party.

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