What Is Kody Brown’s Job On ’Sister Wives’?

What Is Kody Brown’s Job On ’Sister Wives’?

Sister Wives’ Kody Brown has been under the microscope for multiple seasons, with fans now questioning what the patriarch does for a living. The father of 18 is not a fan favorite, mostly because of his selfish behavior. Kody has kept his line of work close to his chest for a while, but fans are dying to know what he does for a living.

The Sister Wives star has always been extremely open when it comes to his polygamist lifestyle, but not so much when it comes to his personal life. Only one of Kody Brown’s wives actually worked during their marriage, Janelle, who earned a paycheck for the family.

In the beginning, Meri Brown was also seen leaving for work every day, while Christine Brown was the wife who stayed home to help raise the children. Being a father of 18 children comes at a high price, leaving viewers to wonder how Kody Brown pays for everything and was able to help sign for four homes when he lived in Las Vegas.

What Is Kody Brown’s Job On ’Sister Wives’?

All Sister Wives fans really know Kody Brown, and his career comes from the first few seasons of the TLC series. The father of 18 once mentioned that he worked in sales and marketing, but he never explained his job further. Fans have always wondered how Kody was able to sustain his lifestyle on one salary.

The cost of running a household in the United States is relatively high, so followers find it hard to believe that he could manage four homes on a salesman’s salary. It is also important to note that working for TLC would be considered his primary source of income now.

At one point, it was reported that Kody Brown and her husband and wife earned $40 000 from the show. Kody’s name is also associated with Kody Brown Family Entertainment LLC, but not much information is available to the public.

The Browns have been struggling financially, as fans learned last season. Most of the family’s money is tied up in their houses in Las Vegas, which have not yet sold, plus they have overextended themselves by buying Coyote Pass in Arizona. It’s safe to say that Kody Brown may have to consider getting another job to pay it all off.

With an estimated net worth of over $1 million, fans might think Kody would be a bit more open about how he’s earned his money. Instead, the Sister Wives star chooses to keep that information private. However, fans believe that he must be doing well with his income because he managed to hire a nanny for Robyn. Now that Christine, who passed away in November 2021, is out of the picture, her household expenses should also be reduced.

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