1000-lb Sisters Fans Share Concerns

1000-lb Sisters Fans Share Concerns

Fans of the 1000-lb Sisters have been following Tammy Slaton’s weight struggle for years. But now they’re seriously worried about whether she’s alive, after witnessing her recent eating habits. Following her sister Amy Slaton’s dramatic weight loss, Tammy Slaton has been trying to follow in her footsteps and shed over 600 pounds she carries every day.

After shots of Tammy Slaton in hospital were shared on Tammy TikTok, concerns about her health have tripled and many fans are urging her to change before her health deteriorates.

Tammy Slaton’s diet went well as she managed to shed kilos at the rehabilitation centre. She had to lose 100 kilos and managed to get her weight down to 631 kilos – meaning she lost 50 kilos!

Despite this, Tammy Slaton revealed that she eats one burger a day after leaving rehab. Many say her diet needs to change. Despite promising to stick to her detox diet, she has admitted to cheating a couple of times just before her first doctor’s appointment since leaving.

Some of her fans have also noticed that she looks bigger in social media posts. Now that she has a new man in her life, Tammy’s family members are worried that she may be confused and therefore think her weight-loss journey may be stalling.

1000-lb Sisters Fans Share Concerns

As season 3 showed Tammy Slaton’s weight gain, during which she left rehabilitation and had a nurse take care of her at home, things don’t seem to be going very well. When the nurse asks her to get up and walk, Tammy refuses. Her nurse says she thinks it’s because she’s scared, while Tammy expressed that she shuts down when she keeps asking her to.

This comes after Tammy disclosed that after returning home she only eats one burger a day and is gaining weight again.

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