1000-lb Sisters: Is Nurse Tisa A Good Fit For Tammy?

1000-lb Sisters: Is Nurse Tisa A Good Fit For Tammy?

Fans of 1000 Lb Sisters were amazed to see Amy Slaton’s new move to help her sister Tammy Slaton lose weight. The short sister hired a nurse who could at least do what she couldn’t.

Ever since Tammy returned home after completing rehab, fans have been saying that Tammy Slaton has no hope of losing weight. Tammy Slaton didn’t even respect her sister, who was just trying to take care of her. But the entrance of Sister Tisa made fans believe that Tammy’s life could now change for the better.

1000-lb Sisters: Is Nurse Tisa A Good Fit For Tammy?

Everything went smoothly for Amy Slaton when Tammy Slaton wasn’t there. She even enjoyed her family time with her beloved husband and son. However, her happiness didn’t last long when Tammy returned unexpectedly from rehab.

She came back having lost just 60 pounds, while her doctor set her a goal of losing 100 pounds. Amy Slaton believed at first that she could handle Tammy Slaton and her son together. However, Tammy put her nurses in a terrible situation, so Amy had to hire a nurse.

In a recent clip, fans can see Tammy Slaton making things difficult for nurse Tisa while she gets angry. Tisa asked Tammy Slaton what she was cooking for dinner. But Tammy wouldn’t reveal the ingredients, saying she can’t reveal all her secrets.

Tammy Slaton also made mean comments to Amy Slaton as she didn’t buy anything she could eat. So later on, a tense situation arises between Tammy and Tisa. But luckily Tisa was able to handle it efficiently and forced Tammy to cook a healthy meal.

Later, Tisa admitted to the camera that his grumpy attitude did not suit him. She finally convinced Tammy Slaton to cook a healthy meal for them all. On the other hand, Tammy Slaton said she had a playful conflict with Tisa when she shouted at Amy Slaton again.

Still, Amy believes that hiring Tisa is the best decision ever. At first Tammy resisted, but over time Tisa managed to help her eat healthy food.

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