1000-Lb Sisters Star Tammy Slaton Hates Her Life?

1000-Lb Sisters Star Tammy Slaton Hates Her Life?

Fans of 1000-Lb Sisters see that Amy Slaton seems to have taken charge of her life. She’s expecting a second child and she and her husband Michael have bought a new home.

In contrast, Tammy Slaton seems to be putting on pound after pound and giving up on life. It seems very tragic that these days, she only finds any motivation to smile or enjoy life when she’s drinking. And being around Amy Slaton doesn’t seem to motivate her to lose weight.

TLC fans wish Tammy Slaton would just stop drinking and steaming. They also want her to be careful what she eats. After all, if she did, she’d already be like her sister Amy Slaton, on the road to the good life.

In season 3, fans often hear Tammy Slaton say: “I am aware”. Is she letting her family and fans know that she knows full well that she will die if she doesn’t take control of her life? Fans of the1000-Lb Sisters are beginning to believe that Tammy is not even motivated by being on the show at the moment. It’s as if she knows she has a problem and is well aware of her impending death. Still, he hopes to live with what he has and take what happiness he can while he can.

Increasingly, it seems that Tammy Slaton no longer wants to live. None of the persuasion of her sisters or her brother Chris seems to have the slightest effect on her.

1000-Lb Sisters Star Tammy Slaton Hates Her Life?

When fans first met Tammy Slaton, she was big, not as big as she is now, but she seemed to have promise. At first she laughed a lot and made jokes and people liked that. Nowadays, Tammy is seen laughing extremely rarely when she’s not drinking and steaming with friends. When Amy Slaton moved into her new home, she looked and sounded really exhausted and clearly no longer had the energy to support her sister. Nor do any of the other children really like the idea of taking on Tammy’s burden.

In fact, her brother suggested that she become ‘a ward of the state’. In fact, she probably suspects that everyone just wants to get on with their lives because they tell her that only she can change her life.

1000-Lb Sisters fans called out Tammy Slaton for always trying to ruin things for Amy Slaton. Meaww pointed out that she only seems happy when she’s doing what she wants. And drinking and steaming seems to be her preferred lifestyle. It seems a very sad fact that when Timmy drinks and vapes, he can stop thinking about his impending death.

For a brief moment, she doesn’t have to worry about alternatives that involve dealing with her addictions and focusing on a healthy lifestyle. And he seems to have reached the point where he no longer even tries or cares. So it’s no wonder that TLC fans fear he’s just going to let himself die without making any more effort.

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