90 Day Fiance: Brandon Gibbs Has 1 Month To Figure It Out

90 Day Fiance: Brandon Gibbs Has 1 Month To Figure It Out

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina are the last 90 Day Fiance couple to start the K-1 visa process. And adapting life as a go-go dancer in Russia to a farmhand in Virginia has not been easy for Julia.

Shortly after the long journey from Russia to America, Julia was bombarded with her new duties as Brandon Gibbs’s soon-to-be wife.Brandon Gibbs’s parents didn’t waste any time making sure Julia knew what her role would be and immediately rolled out her daily tasks on the farm. But it’s easier said than done for Julia. Especially because, as it turns out, she is afraid of the animals she would have to take care of.

Before moving to America, Julia Trubkina lived in an apartment in the lively center of the city of Krasnodar in Russia, which is a big change in the quiet peasant life. While she was used to the hustle and bustle of city life, Julia is now surrounded by forest and more forest.

When the family and Julia returned to the farm, and before she even got to see the room where she was going to stay, Brandon Gibbs’s parents gave Julia some black rubber boots and took her on a tour. Although she liked the animals at first, Julia soon realized that life on the farm might not be for her.

90 Day Fiance: Brandon Gibbs Has 1 Month To Figure It Out

Since Julia is the only one who is on the farm during the day, the animal responsibilities have all been passed on to her. From collecting eggs from the henhouse and feeding the pigs, Julia has to learn quickly to put her weight in the hands of her new family.

Her first problem was to get up in the afternoon to feed the animals. Aspen, a friend of Brandon Gibbs’s family, tells Julia that the animals are used to eat at dawn, which is usually around 7 in the morning.

Getting up early is certainly not something she likes to do. Because of Julia’s previous nocturnal career, she is used to leaving work when the sun rises and waking up at some point in the afternoon.

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