90 Day Fiance: Betty Says Brandon Gibbs Is The Man Of The Family

90 Day Fiance: Betty Says Brandon Gibbs Is The Man Of The Family

A caring son with a full-time job looking for a new place with a fiancé who loves him! It seems like a great start to a responsible person’s life. Won’t the parents be proud? Most of the time, yes. But in Brandon Gibbs’s case, absolutely not! After Julia Trubkina gave him the ultimatum that she would go back to Russia if they didn’t leave the farm, he finally mustered the courage to go against his parents.

It seems Brandon Gibbs’s mother can no longer keep him under her thumb. As soon as he started talking about moving in with Julia Trubkina, the waterworks began. Of course not before ordering him not to leave the farm. Seeing his parents’ reactions, Brandon Gibbs got nervous and threw his fiancée under the bus. He made it clear that it was not his decision.

Apparently, that made the couple even more irritated, because they started yelling and insisting that it was indeed his decision. Brandon Gibbs may have picked a public place to reveal the news and thought they wouldn’t make a scene. Well, that quickly went out the window! It wasn’t just Betty who gave an inappropriate reaction. The adult son’s father was also furious about the fact that he made his own choices in life.

90 Day Fiance: Betty Says Brandon Gibbs Is The Man Of The Family

As if the narcissistic manipulations and waterworks weren’t enough, Betty said one of the most chauvinistic sentences ever. She called Brandon Gibbs the man of the family, which clearly implied that he had a right to have his way. In other words, of course she wanted him to take their side and put his foot down when it came to respecting Julia’s wishes.

Julia Trubkina made it clear that she did not want to continue living in America if their current situation continued. When the couple first met virtually, Brandon Gibbs flew to Russia and met her family. Julia Trubkina recently took to Instagram to reveal some of her family photos to fans. The comment section was filled with how Julia looked exactly like her mother.

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