90 Day Fiance: David and Annie Tobrwosky Plan To Open A Thai Restaurant

90 Day Fiance: David and Annie Tobrwosky Plan To Open A Thai Restaurant

90 Day Fiance couple David and Annie Tobrwosky are fan favorites for a reason. The fans love their chemistry and Annies reactions. And as the last season of the show comes to an end, Tobrowsky’s got some exciting news. Their manager, Dominique Enchinton, has informed the CELEB tabloid of the new announcement.

David and Annie’s road to their wedding was full of challenges, but fortunately they made it. They were so in love with each other. The story goes as David Tobrwosky bumps into his female love while on his soulmate journey to Thailand. He met Annie in a Karaoke bar and fell for her. David stayed in Asia for about five years before he decided to come back to his place. But when they came back, things weren’t rosy. David Tobrwosky was broke and unemployed, and Annie realized she wouldn’t get the life she was promised. They faced financial setbacks and other things to be together.

90 Day Fiance: David and Annie Tobrwosky Plan To Open A Thai Restaurant

Dominique said that the couple loves cooking very much. Both have their cooking lessons on ‘Cooking with DNA’, which is only getting bigger. So, after seeing their exploding fame of that and the TLC show they do, they decided to open a Thai restaurant. Enchinton further added that the couple are excited for this project because of their passion for cooking and their roots.

According to him, both David and Annie started out of nowhere and worked their way up. It is no small achievement to see them grow to this level and so it is ‘a tremendous life experience for them’.

Enchinton had more to spill! He shared that several investors approached David and Annie Tobrwosky to join the company. Although they are currently considering the options, their plan for a Thai restaurant is final. He teased that the couple are looking forward to sharing more details with their fans after everything is finished. In addition, they would definitely like to see them hang out in their seats after the pandemic is over.

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