90 Day Fiance: David Toborowsky and Annie Suwan Toborowsky’s Financial Worries Over

90 Day Fiance: David Toborowsky and Annie Suwan Toborowsky’s Financial Worries Over

90 Day Fiance stars David and his wife Annie Suwan Toborowsky enjoy the last day of their dazzling vacation. The TLC couple are away halfway around the world from their home in Phoenix, Arizona to celebrate a milestone in their relationship. It is certainly a dream vacation and a vacation that many couples can only imagine.

Recently 90 Day Fiance celeb David surprised his spouse Annie with a trip. He planned this amazing trip to celebrate the fourth anniversary of the meeting. David Toborowsky says the whole trip was a surprise for his wife. He planned every detail to make it romantic and memorable for his queen.

Annie and David’s vacation to Tanzania is extravagant for most people. Even with a global pandemic, this vacation cost the members of the 90 Day Fiance quite a penny. The resort where they spend their nine-day vacation costs about $400 a night for a room with a king-size bed. The price rises to $1000 per night when they book a suite.

Then, of course, there is the plane ticket. You would think it would be a steal with the COVID crisis. However, the cheapest plane tickets from their home town of Phoenix to Zanzibar are just over $2000 per passenger. Let’s not forget the cost of the meals and activities. This 90-day Fiance anniversary trip easily puts David and Annie Suwan at risk for $10,000 – or more!

90 Day Fiance: David Toborowsky and Annie Suwan Toborowsky’s Financial Worries Over

Fans remember that David had a difficult time when he and his new bride returned to The United Stares from Thailand after their wedding. In fact, he even needed his bestie Chris to sponsor Annie Suwan just to get her visa approved. However, those early difficult days seem to be in the couple’s rearview mirror.

Nowadays, David Toborowsky has a job as a professor. Plus the couple is a regular at TLC’s 90 Day Fiance spinoff show Pillow Talk. Then when you add in the revenue they make from Cameo and their YouTube channel, the couple is sitting pretty financially now.

Written by Hannah Gaynor

Hannah Gaynor is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. I’m so glad their life is getting better! They are my favorite couple. So cute together. I wonder if a child is in their future? But being older can be rough to raise kids. Had my last at 36.
    Continued happiness for both! 💖

  2. Wow, I’d be happy to be the editor with all of grammatical errors with the article about David and Annie. First one “Recently 90 Day Fiance celebrity David surprised his husband Annie Suwan Toborowsky with a trip.” David surprised his WIFE.
    Second one. “Fans remember that David had a difficult time when he and his new bride returned to The United Stares from Thailand after their wedding.”, where is the United Stares???

  3. Lucky them, did David pay back his “Bestie” Chris Back for all the Mooching him and Annie did? Until he does that, their Not in the Clear.

  4. One of my favorite couples. He is very smart loving and respectful he is a caring person who found the exact ying to his yang they are funny interesting and a good match she loves to please and cook and suprise . ladies in the US this is how you please a man. Men this is uow you respect and live a womam. Eveyone could learn alot from this couple. RESPECT

  5. I am so happy that financially they are stable now I love the relationship Annie and David have. Just goes to show you sometimes age does not matter. Some negative people thought Annie only wanted to green card but I’m so glad she proved them wrong

  6. My favorite overall couple on TLC 90 day Fiancé franchise! I just love to see the love between these two, they adore each other.

  7. Let him pay his beastie first, and I m sure he owes money to many others
    My personal opinion he is a full blown narc disgusting lier user abuser they don’t stop and never ever change he just knows how to control it when they film for me is don’t watch pillow talk with them she is annoying and loud playing a game over the top reactions not real anyways they are both a big question mark for me & the hair didn’t do much for him he is still a turn off not because the way he looks but the way he is narcissist big time sorry can’t stand him and his “bestie” paid for his silence thats it David knows something about his “bestie” that needs to be quiet they used to party together I could only imagine the parties style also the bestie’s wife is in the dark about it and so are we all of us but she knows David is not a Saint she had to put her card to pay for a wedding dress? It was all plan David sent Annie with the wife because he knew whats gonna happen the wife will pay he had no money it was easier for him user and abuser bottom line sorry followers but he is a narc

  8. He is a narcissist user and abuser let him pay his ” bestie” first and all that he owes ppl then he could do that over the top vacation proffesor? To what how to scam ppl take what he could from them he is disgusting will never change he is fake and so her over the top reactions on pillow talk she is too dumb to get who he really is his daughter couldn’t describe him better the massage his friend was asking for was not a mistake he knows something we don’t know like where they met maybe there is some dirt hidden anyways good luck to them wishing both all the best

  9. Definitely our favorite couple in our household. Best of wishes to the both of you & happy anniversary. Lots of love from San Antonio, Texas.

  10. My fav couple of them all…they are just so happy together, they stuck through thick and thin, never giving up!! And most of all, they are so natural and real.

  11. I’m so glad for them !!! They really deserved a break from all of the bad stuff . It’s so obvious that they love each other and that they are together for the long haul …

    I love their personalities and the way they are together ! Congratulations David and Annie ❣️💗💓💓💓

  12. Congratulations Annie and David! So glad that you can breathe again without financial woes. We love watching you!

  13. I love these two. They beat all the odds. They stuck by wack other. Something people don’t do anymore. Kudos. Ignore the negative Nancy’s. They will hit bottom one day. Proud of both of you. Your so amazing together.

  14. I just LOVE David and Annie! I’ve watched them since they first met on 90 day and have just been in love with them as a couple ever since!! Am so glad they are still together and are doing great! God bless you both, and bestie Chris’s for helping it all become a reality for helping get Annie to the USA.

  15. Damn Dorik did David piss in your grits! You sound hateful in your comment be careful in your hate, karma is cold in it’s payback. Says alot about YOU by the way. You don’t even know these people!

  16. Dorit Zadok for someone that supposedly don’t keep up with anything they do or doesn’t like anything about them. You sure wrote a whole book telling us about every aspect of their life. Sounds like somebody is in infatuated with them and is a total opposite of what their actually saying. Anywho whether it’s good comments or bad comments. People that love them or hate them it’s all good attention for them. So keep up the good work you probably just earned them another penny by writing your little comment about hating them. Keep love in that heart because Lord knows you have a bunch of it sounds like. Find something that’s going to occupy your time other than trying to put others down. Or reading into somebody’s life so deep because when you hate someone you tend to consume all of your time in learning about them. And it’s not very healthy.
    I particularly like seeing them doing better than what they was. Who cares if he hasn’t paid him back that’s between them and it’s none of your nor my business. And he don’t pay my bills so good for them. He has to keep the relationship spicy so let them have fun. And get the grammar police on me because I could care less have them knock on my door.

  17. Derick Z We all have problems. If you have nothing nice to say dont say it. You could stop watching the 90 day Fiance. I Love this couple Happy for them. We all have some type of problem. . ANNIE & DAVID WE LOVE YOU. HAPPY FOR ALL PF ADVENTURES.

  18. I will be eternally grateful that Elizabeth Jarvis is NOT the editor of comments. The attitude of intellectual superiority does not fit this venue.

  19. Dorit Zadok. Wow . First you need to learn how write and use punctuation. Then you need to figure out your problem,and deal with that. They are a very nice couple as most all here atest to. Why would you assume he didn’t pay his friend back. The man seems very sincere. Maybe you just have a shitty life so you want everyone else to ,also.

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