90 Day Fiance: Did Ronald Smith and Tiffany Franco Break Up After The Show?

90 Day Fiance: Did Ronald Smith and Tiffany Franco Break Up After The Show?

Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith ended up on reality television on Season 1 of 90 Day Fiance. The two shared their long-distance love story when Tiffany Franco struggled to decide on a permanent move to Ronald’s native South Africa. During her visit to her young child Daniel, the couple married and conceived their first child together. But after experiencing the community in which Ronald Smith lived, a pregnant Tiffany Franco made the difficult decision to return to Maryland with her son. 

Since then, the couple have worked hard to maintain their marriage while living on both sides of the world. In the midst of an international pandemic with strict quarantine restrictions worldwide, 90 Day fans have wondered if Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith are still together.

In March 2020, reality star In Touch Weekly said that quarantine was “very difficult” for her family living in “two separate countries. Especially considering that her husband is “in strict quarantine in [South Africa]”. But the wife and mother of two try to keep the standard as much as possible by “organizing fun events like picnics in the backyard, sleepovers, we watch a lot of movies and of course a lot of homework that the school sends,” she said . Here is their relationship now.

90 Day Fiance: Did Ronald Smith and Tiffany Franco Break Up After The Show?

In addition to long-distance, Tiffany and Ronald Smith also struggled with trust issues about Ronald’s gambling addiction. During a May 2020 performance at the TLC spin-off 90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined, the couple revealed that they had tried virtual marriage counseling after a breakup. It wasn’t about infidelity or anything like that,” revealed Tiffany Franco. It was a gambling problem. He’s recovering. He’s working on himself. And he’s doing very well.’

In August 2020, the couple stopped the rumors about the breakup after fans began speculating about the status of their relationship after a brief breakup in January. Both Tiffany and Ronald Smith had posted cryptic messages on social media pointing to problems in paradise.

After Tiffany Franco posted about being so “f-king tired of the roller coaster” for revealing her freshly cut her that she “chopped [off] because [she] was sad,” Twitter user John Yates ‘asked if she and Ronald were doing well. “It’s nothing,” replied Tiffany Franco. “Mental health is not in the best condition for everyone right now. The pandemic and all the craziness that keeps people apart will do it.” With all the 90 Day breakups, it’s nice to see another couple doing the work to keep their marriage.

Written by Christine Cohan

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