90 Day Fiance: Did Sumit Singh’s Mom Try To Poison Jenny Slatten?

90 Day Fiance: Did Sumit Singh’s Mom Try To Poison Jenny Slatten?

In the 90 Day Fiance, Sumit and Jenny Slatten still face a series of tantrums from their former mother. Since her parents decided to move in together, the Indian mother has been quite active. In recent episodes, it was Sahna who mentored Jenny Slatten to keep the house clean. She also asked her to cook.

However, the American woman treated her future mother-in-law rudely as she did not know how to cook. Fans are quite unhappy that Sahna has been so harsh with Jenny. In the last episode, Jenny Slatten fell ill and was bedridden. Meanwhile, people think that Sahna might have something to do with the incident.

90 Day Fiance: Did Sumit Singh’s Mom Try To Poison Jenny Slatten?

In a recent episode of 90 Day Fiance, Jenny Slatten was taken ill and was even bedridden for quite a long time. The TV star had diarrhoea all night and even threw up after cleaning the house.

However, Sumit Singh’s mother was hellish in her claim that Jenny Slatten did not appear to be ill. She told the camera that she once managed to do all the housework even after five episodes of diarrhoea. Sumit Singh, however, defended her fiancée and told her parents that Jenny was ill and could not work. Yet they were not prepared to listen and said she should force herself to work. Later, Sahna went to Jenny and asked her to get up and work.

TLC viewers were shocked by Sahna’s behaviour and were quite upset by the way she treated Jenny. Fans also think that it might have been Sumit’s mother who poisoned the TV star to cause trouble for her.

Another viewer tweeted and asked: “Did Sumit’s mom poison Jenny?”. Well, social media is currently full of angry comments against the Indian mother.

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