90 Day Fiance: When Does Ariela Weinberg Come Back?

90 Day Fiance: When Does Ariela Weinberg Come Back?

90 Day Fiance’s Ariela Weinberg has not been a fan favourite lately. But despite what fans think, Ariela Weinberg hasn’t backed down from her decision to bring Avi back to Avis for surgery. 90 Day Fiance’s Ariela had to make a difficult choice when her toddler Avi was diagnosed with a hernia and she and her fiancé Biniyam Shibre were told that Avi needed surgery.

She wondered whether Ariela Weinberg should stay in Ethiopia or bring Avi back to the US for surgery.

Finally, Ariela Weinberg decided that she would bring Avi back to the US and booked a flight without telling Biniyam Shibre . Biniyam Shibre wasn’t happy with this arrangement and apparently neither were the fans.

Viewers started trolling Ariela Weinberg on social media and left comments about her decision to separate Avi from his father Biniyam Shibre by bringing him to the US. But Ariela Weinberg did not agree. She has stood firm from the start in her decision to bring Avi to the US, so that there would be no cultural or linguistic barriers between her and her son’s well-being, and so that his insurance would cover the operation. Seems reasonable enough, except for one caveat. Biniyam Shibre could not come with them because he is not yet married to Ariela Weinberg and the American borders are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. So they left Ethiopia behind, they left Biniyam Shibre behind.

Although fans were not happy with her decision, Ariela Weinberg had no problem defending her position as she defended herself from angry viewers’ comments.

90 Day Fiance: When Does Ariela Weinberg Come Back?

The viewer’s comment suggested that Ariela Weinberg had been looking for a reason to bring Avi back to America all along, and when the opportunity arose, she jumped at it. The visit to America was also very close to the recent visit to Ethiopia by Ariela Weinberg’s ex-husband Leandro. His visit caused quite a stir in Weinberg’s household and on fan forums, as both Biniyam Shibre and fans felt that Leandro’s visit was inappropriate.

This made many viewers wonder if they wanted to light an old flame, as Leandro brought Weinberg laundry from the US and reminisced about old times, even getting emotional at times.

Ariela Weinberg had also revealed that living in Ethiopia was monotonous and she felt very isolated.

All of these reasons contributed to a feeling among fans that Ariela Weinberg was perhaps jumping on the American train a little too quickly and seemed too eager to return home. Many were waving goodbye to Biniyam Shibre, saying that he would not be returning to Ethiopia.

Written by Sarah Milner

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