90 Day Fiance: Does Karine Martins Have A Boyfriend?

90 Day Fiance: Does Karine Martins Have A Boyfriend?

Karine Martins was part of the “90 Day Fiance” franchise with her boyfriend and later husband Paul Staehle. However, after shocking sexual abuse allegations and incidents of domestic violence, they are no longer involved in the series. They are also no longer a couple.

Some new posts on Instagram suggest that Karine is finally starting to distance herself from the father of her two children. The new man in her life is quite a popular celebrity! Well, it’s none other than Josh Seither from another famous reality series, Bachelor Nation.

90 Day Fiance: Does Karine Martins Have A Boyfriend?

Karine Martins and Paul Staehle never lasted long. 90 Day Fiance fans could smell it from miles away. Now they have split up and are fighting to regain custody of their children. In the midst of all this, Karine is also focusing on other things.

For example, her love life is back on track. Josh Seiter, star of The Bachelorette, is her alleged new boyfriend! She’s been posting a lot about the young mum on her Instagram page. Well-known blogger John Yates also made a post about the speculated couple.

Many 90 Day Fiance fans are suspicious of this relationship. Before Karine Martins, Josh was with another celebrity from the same show. He was engaged to 50-year-old Yolanda Leak. But the relationship failed. Yates mentioned in his caption that Josh came out as gay some time ago. However, this information is not quite correct. In fact, Seiter had come out as a pansexual.

Many viewers speculate that Josh is chasing a clown and is in a relationship with Karine Martins in order to survive. He hasn’t mentioned anything about the relationship on his social media handle yet. Viewers continue to be concerned about Karine and continue to bring her up on social media. She often mentions how much she is hurting after losing her young boys, Ethan and Pierre.

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