90 Day Fiance Fans Don’t Believe Deavan’s Claims

90 Day Fiance Fans Don’t Believe Deavan’s Claims

90 Day Fiance star Deavan Clegg has revealed that she will not attend the upcoming Tell-All with her estranged husband, Jihoon Lee. She originally told the fans that she would share her side of the story at the reunion special. Now she claims that TLC is leaving her out because they don’t want the drama. Fans haven’t been able to figure out what’s really going on with Deavan. But they’ve made it clear that they don’t believe her story.

During the current season of 90 day Fiance, Deavan and Jihoon have been in South Korea. They have tried to make their relationship work for the benefit of their children. But, as the fans know, Deaven dumped Jihoon after filming and returned to America with the children.

While the season is taking place on TLC, Jihoon Lee has posted strange messages on social media. He has also been repeatedly deactivated, then reactivated his account. Meanwhile, Deavan will not talk about her marriage because of the NDA she signed.

Deavan has already moved on to a new relationship with actor Topher Park. According to Soap Dirt, Deavan says she has been begging Jihoon for a divorce for months. But he doesn’t want one and refuses to file for divorce.

Deavan says that she and Jihoon Lee have been divorced for six months. But she told the producers four months ago that she and Jihoon were doing well. Now, the mother-of-two claims that the divorce petition is out of her control. Jihoon and Deavan are still married because she insists she can’t file for divorce, only Jihoon can.

90 Day Fiance Fans Don’t Believe Deavan’s Claims

Throughout her entire run on 90 Day Fiance, fans have been skeptical about what comes out of Deavan Clegg’s mouth. She hasn’t been honest in the past, and has often told lies to make Jihoon look bad.

Because of her history with the truth, or the lack of it, fans have been skeptical of Deavan’s latest claims. Some believe that she is calling all this up to make Jihoon look bad again. And, some have pointed out that the Korean divorce law “does not treat foreigners differently.

Sources say Deavan can file for divorce from the United States. And she can do this, even if Jihoon doesn’t want to. Why would she say she can’t get a divorce? Is Deavan accusing Jihoon of abuse? Fans have so many questions, and they don’t seem to get answers.

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