90 Day Fiance: Gino Makes Jasmine Pineda Seem Crazy

90 Day Fiance: Gino Makes Jasmine Seem Crazy

90 Day Fiance Spoilers reveals that Jasmine Pineda stunned Gino Palazzolo by informing him that she is on birth control. Jasmine says they have too many things to work out to have babies right now. Will Jasmine break up with Gino Palazzolo?

90 Day Fiance Jasmine Pineda showed her full temper in the last episode for Gino Palazzolo’s ex-wife. Jasmine Pineda booked an expensive trip knowing Gino Palazzolo’s financial situation. Jasmine then starts making demands on Gino’s house. Not only does Jasmine want the house repainted, she wants everything related to Gino Palazzolo’s ex-wives burned.

When Gino Palazzolo refuses to comply, Jasmine Pineda lashes out. Jasmine Pineda brings out the intimate details of their relationship, talking grossly about intimate acts. Gino is not happy that Jasmine speaks the way she does and tells her to stop gloating. Jasmine then loses it, accusing Gino of sleeping with his ex-wife.

90 Day Fiance: Gino Makes Jasmine Pineda Seem Crazy

90 Day Fiance Jasmine blames Gino for making her look crazy. However, Jasmine is insanely jealous. Jasmine cannot stand that Gino has any connection to his ex-wife and that he remains good friends with her. Jasmine is very upset by Gino’s defense of his ex-wife because she has been cheated on in the past and is afraid it will happen again.

Gino of 90 Day Fiance readily admits that Jasmine Pineda has a bad temper and sometimes it scares him. “It shocked me how Jasmine can get really upset at a moment’s notice,” he said. “Her emotional instability gives me concern about our future and I really don’t know where we go from here.” Jasmine then returned and threatened to break up with Gino Palazzolo.

Jasmine Pineda also made it clear that she and Gino were not ready for children. Jasmine was forbidden to talk about anything good about her exes anymore. Gino says he’s glad they were able to talk about it, but he also admits that Jasmine’s temper scares him and he doesn’t want to see him again.

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