90 Day Fiance: Is Liz Really Pregnant With Big Ed Brown’ Baby?

90 Day Fiance: Is Liz Really Pregnant With Big Ed Brown’ Baby?

Just a few days ago, we heard rumors that Ed Brown, from 90 Day Fiance. Her fans think she was emotionally abused by him and it’s pretty scary that she went back to him so quickly. Now there are even more rumors about Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods and these rumors might be scarier than we ever thought!

90 Day Fiance: Is Liz Really Pregnant With Big Ed Brown’ Baby?

Liz Woods has been pretty busy on social media lately and her fans were shocked by her latest post. She posted a picture of her daughter working on some craft projects. She then told her fans that she was doing something for her “Little Brother”. What? !!!! It looks like Liz may have a loaf of bread in the oven and Ed’s frozen sperm.

Fans did point out something about her post though. In her daughter’s post, she captioned it, “Blanket for baby brother. Our family is growing.” Next to the word sibling, he put paw prints and that made fans think they are getting a puppy and not a baby. The comments started coming in very quickly though.

One fan wrote, Things got even more heated in the comments when one fan asked, “Oh why God, would he sleep with him again?” More and more fans pointed out that Ed had a vasectomy and was constantly telling his ex-girlfriend, Rosemarie Vega, that he didn’t want to have kids. There’s no way he’d change his mind that quickly, right? Maybe he would change his mind for his new lady, Liz Woods?

The tea is going all over the place for Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods and it seems like her fans are still trying to warn her about Ed and how he’s not the best guy for her.

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