’90 Day Fiancé’: Jibri Bell Makes A Shocking Statement.

’90 Day Fiancé’: Jibri Bell Makes A Shocking Statement.

The new 90-Day Fiance couple have had many setbacks from the start. From money problems to living with their parents, Jibr and Mia have had it tough. It all seems to have left a bad taste in Jibr’s mouth and he makes a shocking confession to his parents. Why did Jibri Bell make such a statement and what could it mean for the couple?

’90 Day Fiancé’: Jibri Bell Makes A Shocking Statement.

In a new ETOnline exclusive clip, Jibri makes a shocking statement. When his father asks him if circumstances had not forced the 90-day deadline on them, would he still marry Miona? He also asks if Jibri would still make the decision if they had been given six months or a year instead.

Shockingly, Jibri hesitantly says he would not marry Miona Bell if he had more time. He then quickly refutes that this is all hypothetical and it won’t happen. What’s more, he points out that he doesn’t have time.

It has been difficult for Miona Bell to feel at home in South Dakota. Apart from wanting to live in the big city, Jibr’s friends and parents have been reluctant to accept him. His mother, Mahala, hasn’t been a fan from the start. Mahal later told cameras that if Jibri is not sure about marriage, she should listen to herself and not rush. Jibri’s mother believes that she is only worried about a possible ‘backlash’ from Miona.

Apart from Mahala, Jibri’s bandmates are not impressed with Miona Bell either. His best friend and bandmate David hasn’t been very supportive of the pair. He has said in the past that Miona Bell doesn’t let Jibri concentrate. David thought that Miona had caused Jibri Bell’s recent erratic behaviour. The 90 Day Fiance couple lived with Jibri Bell’s parents in his hometown to save money. But things didn’t seem to be going their way.

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