90 Day Fiance: Larissa Lima Moves In With Eric Nichols’s Parents

90 Day Fiance: Larissa Lima Moves In With Eric Nichols’s Parents

90 Day Fiance star Larissa Lima lives in a new state with her boyfriend, Eric Nichols. and his mother Debbie. Yes, Eric’s mother is also called Debbie. – Just like Colt Johnson’s mother. So, Larissa is in a familiar situation. She didn’t get along with her ex-husband’s mother, but could this time be different?

Larissa recently said that she and Eric Nichols were from Las Vegas. The 90 Day Fiance duo was planning to leave the hot desert of Nevada for the snow in Colorado. Eric Nichols’ home state is Colorado. Their relationship needs to get serious, because Larissa is willing to leave the only place she has ever lived since she came to America. Could wedding bells be ringing soon for the couple?

However, the move of the 90 day Fiance couple didn’t go smoothly. Larissa Lima was arrested by ICE while they were getting ready to move. Carmen said that she and Eric Nichols “had no idea why” Larissa was in ICE custody. However, she was released a few hours later.

90 Day Fiance: Larissa Lima Moves In With Eric Nichols’s Parents

Larissa Lima and her other half, Eric Nichols, currently have no place to call home. Eric had sold his house in Las Vegas so they could use the money to move – and plastic surgery. There is no record that the 90-day Fiance couple bought a house in Colorado. However, a source near the couple told Soap Dirt that they are trapped at Eric’s parents’ house for the time being.

While 90 Day Fiance’s Larissa was marrying Colt Johnson, they were living with his mother, Debbie. She and her former mother-in-law didn’t get along. They always argued with each other. But now it seems that Larissa ended up in the same situation. She lives with her potential future mother-in-law, who is also called Debbie. Will she get along with the new Debbie – or will Eric’s mother know not to go against the queen?

Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. Your children grow up and you need to try to let them spread their tiny wings and fly away. But what do parents do when they fly back home, you open the door and see a”Larissa” standing there?

  2. She has always been a gold digger , everything is about her , she very selfish , Eric has money saved up and the sex must be so Good he gave in and “loaned” her the money , those huge bins she shows , ugh, but she did do better with a nose job !! But I think she isn’t a good mom , and will drain him dry if he doesn’t wise up .

  3. I have to agree. It is a favorite show of mine, but total losers. Larissa is just completely out there somewhere, and Colte thinks he is God’s gift to women evidently!! Angela is all mouth!! I CAN’T BELIEVE how she acts for her age! I can’t see any of the relationships lasting!!!

  4. Larissa is an opportunist and less than a woman. Anyone who leaves their children and is more concerned with coming to America, feom man to man, obsessing with plastic surgery and seeking money from men for themselves is not what we need in this country.

  5. I can’t believe this people on that show call them selfs Americans they are making us look bad the way they act on this show and Larissa looks like a guy now Eric is a fool or maybe he’s making money of her cause i wouldn’t live with a woman / guy that will call me a looser but then again he is one

  6. Why the hell is she still here in America????? Send her T.F. Back home!!! Good job Trump…you take babies away from their mothers and fathers who actually do good and work hard and to belong here…but this bitch gets to stay????? WTF

  7. Larrisa is a gold digger and doesn’t even care about her kids. Plastic surgery is more important. Eric needs to wake up before she drains him dry. If he ain’t already . If I was Eric’s mom and I saw Eric with this gold digger I would have a long talk with my son. Good luck debbie

  8. I used to be a fan of the show but because of people like Larissa, horrible people that get fame and fortune for being self absorbed and treat people like trash has made me look elsewhere for entertainment.

  9. Larissa is totally superficial and out for any man she can con money from.Proof is she’s been here without her kids for two years.Larissa instead of cosmetic surgery why not go to school and get educated so you can support your family without depending on a man? Eric you’re a total loser and enabler

  10. I agree with Breanda!! Every word she said is Right!!! Larissa is a real Bitch!!! She is all in it for her self!!!! Her boyfriend is real Stupid to give her that kind of Money for her body!!! Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!!!!

  11. Larissa is a whore who goes to the highest bidder. How long has she been away from her children? All she can think of is making herself faker. How long will that take? Her children will probably be graduating high school. Lol. What a mom. She obviously loves herself. Poor Eric loves boobs. She would have moved on in a New York minute if he hadn’t paid her.

  12. Eric is not her boyfriend. He is her pimp. He is funding her plastic surgery because they are creating their own online members only porn site featuring Larissa. This is a business to them.

  13. Larissa is a gold digger what about her kids back in Brazil I’ve only heard her talk about her kids twice I would think I would want to use that money to bring my kids over here instead of letting my parents take care of them she’s a worthless piece of crap in my mind for a mother for human being, it’s all about her.. if I was Eric I’d pack her crap up and ship her back where she came from.

  14. That’s was she get want do better for herself living off other, she look better before surgery, nose don’t look different, she kept looking at herself in the tell all, calling Colt mother bitch, and the lady’s too, she shall look in the mirror, she not pretty at all, just wanted money from me in America, now made her bed she have to lay in it, go back to your son, thank the best thing to do.

  15. Larissa is a horrible person. She dumps her children to live it up in the US. She wasn’t even taking care of her kids BEFORE she came here. She uses people for whatever she can get from them. She screams that no one else has ‘morals’ and repeatedly calls people ‘Bitch’ ‘Bitch’. Horrible.

  16. There’s absolutely no reason why Larissa is still on the show. I don’t understand why they allowed her to act the way she did, along with Jess, through the entire tell all. It’s very apparent she has no intention of getting her children or being a good positive influence in any situation as a U.S. citizen. We simply don’t need trash like her on our country breaking all the rules while being on her personal journey of looking like a Barbi doll. So over her…..

  17. Hope I am leaving this comment in the proper space. I read somewhere that there is a. Possibility Angela on 90 days might get a spin off please tell me it isn’t so. We were hoping that a wedding with her and Michael would end that long and loud nightmare would be over forever. I just wonder why you continue to keep some annoying obnoxious people on your shows. Angela has definitely overstayed her time a long time ago. May I suggest that Andrei needs to go.

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