’90 Day Fiancé’: Liz Woods Caught in a Love Triangle with Jayson’s Ex?

'90 Day Fiancé': Liz Woods Caught in a Love Triangle with Jayson's Ex?

Liz Woods, who appeared on the show “90 Day Fiancé,” recently hinted that she is in a new romantic relationship. This sparked curiosity among fans. The man in question is named Jayson, and he is from San Diego. He is a Navy veteran and instructor. Jayson is 29 years old and a single father who enjoys running marathons. Many fans saw him as an improvement over Liz’s previous partner, Big Ed. However, unsettling allegations have emerged that cast doubt on Liz’s choice.

Ex-Girlfriend Accuses Jayson of Leading Dual Lives Amidst New Romance with Liz

A popular blogger, known as “mac.and.chisme,” made a shocking claim about Jayson. The blogger alleged that he is a “serial cheater” who leads double lives. According to the blogger, Jayson had a girlfriend for almost a year until November 2023. Their relationship abruptly ended when Jayson moved on to Liz without properly ending things with his ex-girlfriend. This suggests a pattern of deceit and manipulation.

The controversy surrounding Liz Woods and Jayson has taken a dramatic turn. Jayson’s ex-girlfriend has accused him of cheating and being dishonest. She claims that she found out about his relationship with Liz through social media and it blindsided her. She believes that Liz is just the latest in a long line of women Jayson has pursued. The relationships fizzle out once the initial excitement fades.

The ex-girlfriend discovered Jayson’s involvement with Liz through a social media video. This shocked her. She says that during the time Jayson was seen with Liz at a Halloween event, he was still telling her that he loved her.

Truth or Deceit?

Fans of the show “90 Day Fiancé” are buzzing with speculation and worry about Liz Woods’ romantic choices. This is particularly in light of the allegations against Jayson. His ex-girlfriend’s claims depict a man torn between two relationships. He’s trying to keep up appearances with both women. These accusations have not been proven. However, they make people question the dynamics at play. This could mean something for Liz’s personal life.

As the story unfolds, fans and followers of “90 Day Fiancé” are left wondering if these claims are true and what will happen to Liz Woods’ relationship.

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