90 Day Fiance: Ronald Smith Is Nervous About The Interview

90 Day Fiance: Ronald Smith Is Nervous About The Interview

Guess who is almost one step away from entering the United States? It’s the famous Ronald Smith from 90 Day Fiance! Yes, you guessed it, Ronald’s visa application has been approved. It looks like Tiffany Franco and Ronald are finally at a better point in their relationship.

However, the fight is not over yet. Tiffany Franco still needs to talk to her father about co-sponsoring Ronald. Will Tiffany’s father agree to take responsibility for Ronald when he arrives in the United States?

Are Tiffany and Ronald happily together? That seems to be a question for the distant future. But one obstacle in their lives has been overcome. And now they are celebrating their happy news.

TLC recently released an update video where fans got to see Tiffany calling Ronald via video to give him a happy message. She released the news, saying: “I’ve been waiting for the whole. And, I don’t know how the h*ll I kept this inside all day. But I have to tell you something.”

Tiffany also shared what it was like for her when she first heard about the visa approval. The star explained that she couldn’t breathe when she first read the post. At the time, she was in denial about the situation.

Tiffany initially thought it was some kind of scam. But after she realised it was true, Tiffany burst into tears. She also recorded a video where fans saw her crying and explaining that she had just found out about the visa. It seems that the news of the visa approval was the most emotional moment for the couple.

90 Day Fiance Ronald Smith Is Nervous About The Interview

Getting a visa approved is a big step. However, it does not mean that Ronald Smith has been cleared to go to the US. Before final approval, the star will have a short interview. Ronald is happy, but nervous at the same time.

Because he can’t leave his past behind him when he goes for the interview. Staar fears he could be judged because of his gambling past. Tiffany then reassures her husband by telling him that this is what interviews are for, to judge people by their past.

Ronald soon began planning a post-interview scenario. He asked Tiffany Franco if she had talked to her father about co-sponsorship. And Tiffany hasn’t disclosed anything to her father yet because she’s waiting to talk face to face. Tiffany’s dad will be visiting her soon to see her new residence and children. And then he’ll discuss the Ronald situation with her.

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