90 Day Fiance Star Gets a Sympathetic Message

90 Day Fiance Star Gets a Sympathetic Message

It’s no secret that reality TV stars never escape trolling. A similar experience happened recently to 90 Day Fiance star Yara Zaya.

Critics insulted her appearance and sent her horrible messages. She took to social media to share the bully’s horrible words with fans.

Yara Zaya is no stranger to online insults. People have shamed her as a mother as many times as she can count. But this time, she had to give an insight into the kind of venom the reality TV star regularly faces. From swear words like lazy and stubborn, trolls have left all sorts of stones unturned in their criticism of Yara.

As reported by Screenrant, one fan recently berated her appearance and called her worse than Shrek. He also said that Yara is a triviality and should go back to Ukraine. Of course he used a few choice words. The critic added that Yara and her mother deserve better than her. The messages also revealed that the critic disowned Yara and stated that she would never look the same after all the work she did on her appearance.

Normally, Yara doesn’t respond to trolls, but this time she expressed her shock, wondering why a human being would also be a mother.

90 Day Fiance Star Gets a Sympathetic Message

While the stars of 90 Day Fiance usually face an unlimited amount of wrath when fans don’t agree with their actions, Yara received a sympathetic message from a fan. This person expressed her frustration at the way a critic trolled Yara. To this, Yara responded that he wished everyone had the brains of a supporter. It seems that some others also addressed him with good wishes.

Later, Yara Zaya took to Instagram to thank her fans for supporting him. She also expressed regret that she couldn’t reply to everyone. However, she mentioned that she sees everyone and loves her supporters. Considering how brutally the critic trolled Yara, it proves how much tolerance reality TV stars need to get by.

Fortunately, no matter how much was tried to take him down, there are always a few fans who offer unconditional support. Even when they might not agree with something, like their favourite reality TV stars do!

Written by Christine Cohan

Christine Cohan is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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