90 Day Fiancé Star Jasmine Pineda Said Goodbye To Her Wigs

90 Day Fiancé Star Jasmine Pineda Said Goodbye To Her Wigs

Jasmine Pineda has become the talk of the town after her “90 Day Fiance” performance. While viewers got to see her relationship with Gino Palazzolo, the celebrity personality shone through. Thus, she immediately drew viewers to her and her sharp intellect.

In addition, she also communicates a lot with her followers and on social media and shows himself to be honest. As a result, she has made public her decision to give up her wigs due to hair loss.

90 Day Fiancé Star Jasmine Pineda Said Goodbye To Her Wigs

Jasmine Pineda initially came across as a fiery Panamanian girlfriend who was very possessive. As 90 Day Fiance progressed, however, viewers got to see her many sides. So they became her admirers and began to live with her.

Thanks to her outspoken personality, the TV star often says a lot of profound things on her social media. In fact, it also covers her struggles and insecurities. So she took to her social media to talk a little more about her hair loss problem.

As a result, many unfriendly people among the fans are trolling her heavily for it. As a result, she took to her social media to address the matter. The actor then said that she doesn’t feel “bad” about such things. Moreover, he understands how her hair loss has been a “struggle” and he is grateful for all the “alternatives” that exist in the world for it.

In addition, Jasmine is also okay because she realized that this problem is more common than she “thought”. Finally, the 34-year-old ended the post on a healthy note, saying that hair may come and go, but people’s “good heart” and beauty will always remain. That’s why 90 Day Fiance viewers on social media took Jasmine to task for revealing the truth about the state of her hair.

When fans met Jasmine, they were impressed by her intelligence and charming looks. As a result, she started to receive a lot of messages on the internet about giving up her skincare and hair care routine. So she took to her Instagram to talk about something important in her life. Apparently, the alien came out that she wears wigs during her TV shows. In addition, she also shed light on tattooing her lips and eyebrows. However, the reality TV star was not ashamed of making these changes.

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