90 Day: The Single Life Stars Big Ed Brown And Liz Woods Are Engaged

90 Day: The Single Life Stars Big Ed Brown And Liz Woods Are Engaged

Big Ed Brown confirmed his engagement to Liz Woods ahead of the premiere of 90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life spinoff on discovery+, only for his ex-girlfriend to get a slap from Instagram fans.

While the news of Big Ed and Liz Woods’s marriage soon went viral online in August, the announcement came as a shock to fans who had watched Liz Woods share a petition to have Big Ed removed from the show. Not only that, after their break-up in 90 Days: The Single Life Season 1, a phone call was leaked in which Liz verbally abused and angered Big Ed Brown.

Fans began to suspect that 28-year-old Liz Woods and 56-year-old Big Ed Brown’s engagement was all about chasing their clowns and maintaining a fake relationship. The validity of Big Ed and Liz’s romance has also been called into question as both are believed to be hungry for attention. The loner Liz has been hesitant about her ‘narcissistic’ future husband.

This has made her appear untrustworthy and some have suggested that she may be the one playing against both Big Ed Brown and 90 Day Fiance fans. Besides, becoming a reality star has also launched Liz Woods’s career as an influencer, and being with Big Ed got her a new season spin-off.

Fans who tried to deny that Big Ed and Liz were really engaged were shocked to discover that the former photographer confirmed the rumours shortly before the arrival of 90 Days: The Single Life season 2. Both 90 Day Fiance and TLC shared photos on Instagram of Liz and Big Ed showing off the “biggest diamond” he could find.

“We are each other’s forever, and, yes, we are engaged! ” read the caption, echoing Big Ed’s big reveal. Most of the comments on the post have either asked Liz to run away or accused her of desperation.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.