Are Sophie Sierra and Rob Warne from ’90 Day Fiance’ still together?

Are Sophie Sierra and Rob Warne from '90 Day Fiance' still together?

The love story of Sophie Sierra and Rob Warne on 90 Day Fiance has been a roller coaster. They married in Season 10. Fans now wonder if they’re still together.

Rob, from LA, and Sophie, from London, had different backgrounds. Sophie was wealthy, while Rob had a more modest upbringing. Their differences sparked arguments, especially over where to live.

Sophie Sierra, used to luxury, struggled with Rob’s bathroom-less apartment. Rob, on the other hand, mocked her for being too fancy.

In a later episode, Sophie revealed her infertility. Rob, wanting children, admitted he’d have stayed single. He also hinted he might not marry her.

These issues were just the beginning. Off-screen, in November 2023, Sophie happily moved to a new apartment. She shared a video of her skincare routine and her joy at finally having a bathroom. “I have my own bathroom,” she said, “and can do my makeup in great lighting. Life’s good.”

Fans were worried the couple had split.

In 90 Day Fiance Season 10, Sophie and Rob married on Feb. 25, 2024. The season premiered in 2023.

The main question is, are Sophie and Rob still together? Fans first noticed in November 2023 that they had unfollowed each other on Instagram. This remains the case.

In the March 2024 premiere of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 8, Sophie shared new details. After moving to Austin, she began living with her friend Kay. She also came out as bisexual.

Rob then expressed concerns about her friendship with Kay. They hadn’t seen each other for a month. Sophie had learned Rob was talking to other women.

It’s unclear if they’re still together. They might be on a break, as they’re living separately. Also, they haven’t posted pictures together recently. Both have shared photos without wedding rings.

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