Are Ximena Morales and Mike Berk One Of The Controversial Couples On ’90 Day Fiancé?’

Are Ximena Morales and Mike Berk One Of The Controversial Couples On '90 Day Fiancé?'

Ximena Morales and Mike Berk seemed to get on well, but not since they met on the dating website. But things changed when Mike decided to travel to Colombia and meet her for the first time. Since the debut of 90 Day Fiancé, the show has done a great job of earning a dedicated fan base who are interested in the story and drama that the reality series offers. The show, which stages outrageous and unconventional couples who marry much more quickly than most, has seen some relationships blossom over the years, as well as controversial relationships that have not.

The reality series has also done quite well with the inclusion of couples from different backgrounds, which has boosted their global reach. One of these couples is Colombian beauty Ximena Morales and American firefighter Mike Berk. Since their story was revealed, the pair have become one of the most exciting couples in the series, as their unlikely relationship and the way they seem to create controversy with every move they make has become one of the most exciting couples to watch.

90 Day Fiancé star Ximena is from Colombia. Before meeting Mike and joining the show, she worked as a manicurist and was a single mother of two. The Colombian-born beauty had been to the United States before and always wanted to go back.

Ximena Morales and Mike Berk spent a lot of time in love on the show and you’d think they’d know every detail of their relationship, but surprisingly the two have very different memories of how they met. According to Mike, after 34 years of looking for a wife in his local area, he decided to move his dating app to Colombia.

The volunteer firefighter explained that he was shocked when he received the news that Ximena Morales, then 24 years old, had been swept right. Meanwhile, Ximena offered a very different story of how she and Mike met. The Colombian beauty wrote on her Instagram page that she and Mike met on a webcam page.

Ximena revealed that she was working as a camera girl at the time and accepted Mike’s money, even though she was disgusted by the sight of him naked. She also no longer cared that people now knew the truth about how they met.

Are Ximena Morales and Mike Berk One Of The Controversial Couples On ’90 Day Fiancé?’

While Ximena and Mike’s complicated relationship raised a few eyebrows, the couple is not one of the most controversial to have appeared on the show. Over the years, the show has also seen unconventional couples, including Jorge and Anfisa, who fans accused of being in a relationship for the wrong reasons.

Jorge was accused of being with Anfisa because of her looks and Anfisa because of her money. However, the couple stayed together for three years before they divorced. There is also Rose and Big Ed, who got together despite a significant age gap. They provided fans with one of the biggest break-ups on the show after an explosive quarrel over their disagreements about having a baby.

Nicole and Azan are among the most troubled couples to have graced the show. They face many obstacles in their relationship, including lifestyle and cultural differences. Nicole already has a child, which causes problems between the two, but surprisingly they found a way to overcome these problems. Larissa and Colt also had a difficult relationship from the start. Multiple fights, lies and a lack of trust led to an unexpected divorce for the couple.

Ashley and Jay are another very controversial couple. The couple has left people tired of their constant back-and-forth marriage and fans can’t understand why Ashley keeps taking Jay back, even though he cheats on her every time.

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