Emmy Russell Stuns American Idol Judges with Original Song ‘Skinny,’ Echoing Loretta Lynn’s Legacy

Emmy Russell Stuns American Idol Judges with Original Song 'Skinny,' Echoing Loretta Lynn's Legacy

In the newest season of American Idol, Emmy Russell sang her own song “Skinny” in the second episode. Many contestants perform original songs, but Emmy’s audition stood out. She follows her grandmother’s footsteps. Her grandmother was the late Loretta Lynn, the original Queen of Country Music. However, Emmy has her own unique voice.

Emmy timidly walked onto the American Idol set, calling it a dream. She had to repeat her name because she was so soft-spoken. When asked about herself, she quietly mentioned she’s from Nashville. She said her family are singers.

The judges were amazed to learn that Emmy Russell was Loretta Lynn’s granddaughter. It was rare for them to hear from someone with a strong connection to a country music legend, like Loretta Lynn.

Emmy Russell confessed that she was hesitant because she wanted to fully embrace her own voice.

Emmy Russell Wows American Idol Judges with Original Song ‘Skinny

Lionel Ritchie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan were surprised at first, but then they offered some advice to the American Idol contestant. Katy Perry told the 24-year-old singer, “If you have your own style then you have your own lane.”

Emmy Russell sat at the piano and sang “Skinny.” The judges’ expressions revealed their admiration. It was hard to tell if they were more impressed with her singing or songwriting skills. However, all three judges were very impressed by the shy singer/songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee.

Katy Perry finally spoke up, saying, “You’re an A plus songwriter. So was your grandma. You got the gift.” She noticed how softly Russell had spoken and remarked that she came in “like a mouse,” to which Luke Bryan added, “a baby mouse.” Perry asked Russell to repeat her name. As she did so louder and more confidently, Perry pointed out that she looked like her famous grandmother, Loretta Lynn. He said this after her voice stopped trembling.

Lionel Ritchie acknowledged Russell’s potential, saying, “I like your promise.” He talked about the challenges everyone faces and referred to Russell’s obstacles as “big shoes.” He encouraged her to put those shoes away as they were not her size.

Luke Bryan noted that they needed to boost Russell’s confidence and help her “own it.” He exclaimed, “I’m a yes.”

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