Gwendlyn Brown’s Sharp Critiques of ‘Sister Wives’ Star Robyn Brown

Gwendlyn Brown's Sharp Critiques of 'Sister Wives' Star Robyn Brown

Get the inside scoop on the latest drama in the ‘Sister Wives’ family. From Gwendlyn Brown’s outspoken critiques to strained relationships, we’re unveiling all the twists and turns.

Ever since the premiere of TLC’s reality TV show ‘Sister Wives’, the Brown family has constantly been in the public eye. Their polygamous lifestyle and diverse family dynamics never fail to spark intrigue and debate. However, recent happenings within the family seem to have ruffled some feathers, particularly involving Gwendlyn Brown, one of the children in the family.

Sister Wives: Gwendlyn Brown Speaks Out on YouTube

Gwendlyn Brown, Christine Brown’s daughter, has been quite vocal about her thoughts and opinions through her YouTube show ‘My Reaction’. Here, she reviews episodes of ‘Sister Wives’ and gives her honest insights on what transpired. Lately, her views on Robyn Brown, her father Kody’s fourth wife, have caused quite a stir.

According to Gwendlyn Brown, watching Robyn Brown on the show seems to have affected her personal feelings towards her. “Watching her makes me like her less, for sure,” Gwendlyn openly confessed. But her candid revelations don’t stop there.

Sister Wives: The Fallout from Christine’s Split with Kody

Christine’s decision to divorce Kody had its ripple effects on the family. Surprisingly, Gwendlyn reacted positively to her mother’s move, expressing her happiness for Christine. However, she revealed a less-than-favorable view of the relationship between Kody and Robyn Brown. In fact, Gwendlyn claimed that Robyn no longer sees herself as part of the family, leaving fans in a frenzy of speculation.

Sister Wives: Gwendlyn’s Pain Over Kody Brown’s Relationship with Robyn Brown’s Kids

What seems to hurt Gwendlyn the most is witnessing her father’s bond with Robyn’s children. As she states, seeing Kody act as an “active father” to them is a painful reminder of what she feels she didn’t have growing up. This raw confession brings a new layer of complexity to the family’s dynamic, eliciting a wave of empathy from viewers and followers.

Gwendlyn isn’t the only one feeling the heat. Paedon Brown, Christine’s son, admitted in an interview with The U.S. Sun that his relationship with Robyn is “strange and weird”. Paedon even confessed to acting “rude” towards Robyn’s kids due to perceived favoritism by their father. But on a hopeful note, he said he’s now closer to some of Robyn’s children.

Written by Ashley Bennett

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