Keeping Up With The Kardashians: Kris Jenner Is Living Her Best Life With Corey

Keeping Up With The Kardashians: Kris Jenner Is Living Her Best Life With Corey

Kris Jenner has been the leader of the Kardashian-Jenner family and has been the catalyst behind the fame and fortune her children have achieved. The aforementioned mother has used her business skills and impressive connections to create the multi-million dollar empire she currently sits at the top of.

Thanks to her tireless efforts, all of her children now have more money than they will ever spend in a lifetime, and the Kardashian and Jenner names are notorious the world over.

It all depended on the incredible success of the production of the reality series ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians‘ and now that the show is over, all eyes are on Kris Jenner to see what her life is really like, without the demands of the show. The long-running show lasted an astonishing 14 years and 20 seasons and her life has had to adjust enormously without the pressures and demands of filming.

Despite the fact that Kris Jenner is notorious for keeping herself very, very busy all the time and always seems to be working on “the next big thing”, even she can’t deny that life without the Keeping Up With The Kardashians filming is much less demanding and much more relaxing. She’s been able to throw back the hood from time to time, enjoy a few evenings snuggled up on the couch at home and of course, take a few snaps of those moments to share with the millions of adoring fans who follow her every move on social media.

The success of the Kardashian and Jenner families continues to be recognised at a number of award ceremonies, and Kris Jenner has had plenty of time to attend all the incredible events as she receives a host of accolades. Recently, she took to the stage in a stunning red suit to accept the People’s Choice Award for Best Reality Show of 2021. She accepted the award alongside Khloe and Kim, who had nabbed the awards for 2021’s reality star and fashion icon respectively.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians: Kris Jenner Is Living Her Best Life With Corey

Kris Jenner now has plenty of time to enjoy her romantic life with Corey Gamble, and they’ve been dressing up and attending special events together. Arriving in style each time, Kris and Corey have been documenting their active social life on Instagram with the full support of fans and followers. They’ve been able to enjoy each other’s company a lot more often lately, and judging by the photos, they seem to be having a lot of fun.

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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