OutDaughtered Dad Adam Explains Riley Busby’s Absence.

OutDaughtered Dad Adam Explains Riley Busby’s Absence.

Where’s Riley Busby? OutDaughtered fans are asking for answers after noticing the lack of one of the quintessences of a recent photo shoot for the Graeson Bee Boutique clothing line. Why wasn’t Riley Busby in any of the photos? Fans had to know. Fortunately, Adam Busby was happy to answer.

OutDaughtered Dad Adam Explains Riley Busby’s Absence.

Unfortunately, Adam and Danielle Busby must be careful when posting photos and videos of their daughters. Considering they have so many, it is safe to assume that all their little beauties will not be present in every post.

However, fans immediately notice when they seem to prefer one of their daughters to the others. Also, fans notice immediately when one of their daughters has NOT appeared for some time. And this is exactly what happened with this recent photo shoot.

Of course, the fans were thrilled that Adam and Danielle Busby were generous enough to share the photos from the photo shoot with them. But they couldn’t help but notice that one of the wings was missing.

OutDaughtered: Where is Riley Busby?

Riley Busby is fine and well. Outside. Daughter fans have nothing to fear. Riley is just interested in making her own decisions about what she does or doesn’t want to do. For InTouch Weekly, Adam Busby revealed that he and Danielle do things a little different than some reality TV families. More specifically, they don’t consider their children as props. At every photo shoot, they give their daughters a choice.

If one or all of them don’t want to be in the pictures, they don’t have to. Adam and Danielle Busby believe that this is their way of allowing their children to continue to be children. More importantly, it teaches their girls that they have an opinion and a choice.

“We don’t let our kids take pictures if they don’t want to. If Riley said she didn’t want to take a picture that day, then she shouldn’t have. It’s always their choice and it’s not because we prefer one child to another.” Adam Busby wrote in response to a question from Instagram followers about Riley’s whereabouts.

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  1. For the Busby Family:
    I enjoy your insights into your family.
    I am glad that you treat each of the girls as individuals.

    You are a great Family.

  2. I love that you want your kids to be individuals and don’t use them as props…so why do you think it’s necessary to dress them alike? I don’t understand? Or do “they” choose to dress alike. My sister and I are twins our mother never made us dress alike unless we wanted too. She encouraged us to dress how we wanted to dress. I admire our mother for that.

    • Ruby your one of 2 not one of five… maybe its easier to dress them alike, can you actually imagine how long if would take to dress 5 small children of their choosing. They are quints not twins which I’m sure would be far easier to manage twins. Why does is matter how they dress? I’m sure when they are older they will dress how they like, they won’t be wearing the same things for ever. While you consider your mother admirable for giving you the choice, there are far more important things in life to admire. Im not a twin and I still didn’t always have the choice to where what I wanted growing up, I was a tomboy and hated dresses and i was still put in them. Does that make my mother less admirable. No she did a good job raising me and did the best she could, do I resent her nooooo. Get off your patronising high horse!!

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