Sister Wives: Christine Acknowledges The Hard Side Of Plural Marriage

Sister Wives: Christine Acknowledges The Hard Side Of Plural Marriage

Many of you may find that a single marriage is your type. Sister Wives star Christine Brown, however, thinks the opposite. She doesn’t find herself to be the type of person who is suited to a monogamous relationship. She is happy to share her husband with her Sister Wives.

Christine is not independent and feels proud of who she is. Let us know below how she feels about plural marriage and why she wouldn’t trade it for a monogamous relationship.

Christine is happy with what she has with Kody Brown. She is perfectly suited for a pluralistic marriage. Christine explained herself in an interview with US Weekly. She says that she has never been a monogamous person.

Christine can’t imagine and adjust to a situation where a man is around every night. She explained that the monogamous situation is incomprehensible to her.

The 48-year-old star explains the monogamous relationship this way: “It would cramp my style a lot.” She loves everything she has got from being in a multiple marriage. Many need time to adjust to sharing their spouse.

Well, things were different with Christine. She was the third wife when she joined the Brown family. As a result, she never had any difficulty adjusting.

Sister Wives: Christine Acknowledges The Hard Side Of Plural Marriage

The best part of a cohabiting marriage is that spouses always have someone by their side to talk to about any problems. Well, the letter also talks about the hard part of plural marriage. In a plural marriage, you always have to learn to do things for yourself.

Christine Brown also does all the repairs herself. When the fridge breaks down, she has to call in a plumber. She also has to take care of it herself if they run out of water, if a pipe breaks or if any of the usual household problems happen.

Indeed, women in plural marriages don’t always have a husband by their side. They therefore need to know how to deal with situations.

Christine like to do this part and explains: “I don’t like to do that part really, but I think, after a while, you just be used to it.” So overall, things are great for Christine and she would like to continue enjoying her pluralistic marriage rather than replace it with a monogamous marriage.

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