Sister Wives: Christine Makes It Sound Glamorous

Sister Wives: Christine Makes It Sound Glamorous

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is probably the most attentive woman to Kody of all four women this shared man married. So it’s plausible she’s going above and beyond anything to get Kody Brown out of his funk.

Recent reports suggest that Kody Brown’s stress level has increased due to his financial situation. He claims he’s lost sleep over it. Now Christine Brown comes to the rescue.

Sister Wives: Christine Makes It Sound Glamorous

It looks like Christine Brown is trying to ignite a spark under her Sister Wives followers by offering almost everything but the kitchen sink. That’s if they sign up to sell the clothing brand she’s selling. So she dangles the carrot of her sales pitch to her online followers.

What she is doing today has received some negative feedback from fans of the Sister Wives. What she’s trying to sell has upset some of them. The company Christine Brown works for, as well as Meri Brown, has been in the headlines lately.

They are accused of being a pyramid scheme and people claim they lost money investing in their clothing to sell. Past sales reps have reported them. The Attorney General of Washington State has also filed a lawsuit against the clothing company.

Sister Wives: Sounds Too Good To Be True?

The third wife of the tribe of Sister Wives describes below how it works. You choose 65 items of clothing and pay $500. Then you try to sell the pieces, which you now own, to potential customers. But if you don’t sell them, what do you do?

The sales people at this company say that if you don’t sell them, you own those items of clothing. But while you actively sell their merchandise, you are asked to recruit other people to make sales, who also bring you the money from their sales.

If Christine Brown can hire more salespeople, she also makes money from their sales. What some astute fans of the Sister Wives series seem to suggest is how this might not work for the average person.

They have also shared their warnings with other possible buyers of Sister Wives online. Don’t forget that both Meri and Christine Brown have hundreds of thousands of followers to sell to online. The average person does not have an audience ready to make sales.

Some people who have worked for this company have said that their friends and family have gotten tired of their attempt to sell the items. But apparently Christine Brown has made it her mission to recruit more people for her sales force…

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