Sister Wives: Another Year of Education Under Janelle’s Belt

Sister Wives: Another Year of Education Under Janelle’s Belt

Sister Wives Janelle Brown surprised her fans with an interview, but this time the situation was reversed because she took matters into her own hands. It was Janelle who took the role of the interviewer who asked the questions. She’s not the one being interviewed, which is out of the ordinary for this recent graduate of Sister Wives.

Despite wearing the interviewer’s hat, fans have learned a lot about this celebrity Sister Wives. Especially when it comes to what’s stimulating and upsetting her. Apparently, it’s the same for all people and has to do with the four seasons. She’s learned what the season change does to the body system.

Sister Wives: Another Year of Education Under Janelle’s Belt

A few days ago Janelle Brown announced that she had continued her training as a recent graduate. She told her fans that she completed a year of studies at the Joyful Belly School of Ayurveda.

But many followers of Sister Wives have raised their virtual eyebrows and scratched their virtual heads. This is because not many knew anything about this subject. It seemed that very few could bet on what Janelle Brown had achieved with her new certification,

So, Janelle Brown interviewed the founder and director of the school who just finished. His name is John Immel. She wanted to share with fans of the Sisters Wives how these studies have changed her way of thinking.

Although it seemed very educational, some fans can’t help but wonder if this is perhaps a publicity concert for Janelle Brown. As a new student at this school and a television celebrity, who better than her to advertise this learning institution?

Janelle Brown offers up to $999 scholarships for Joyful Belly to her fans of Sister Wives. Although that seems extremely generous of her, you will find out during the interview that the school is the one offering these freebies.

So, is Janelle Brown dropping this school off as part of a paid gig or is this something she’s so excited about that she wanted to join? Maybe it’s a little bit of both.

In a nutshell, Ayurveda is old and although it may sound complicated at first, it’s pretty simple and very interesting. Our body adapts to the seasons and we long for the food needed to go from one season to the next. This sounds like one of the cornerstones of this leather, according to what the latest grad of the Sister Wives had to say.

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