’Sister Wives’: Cryptic Message Posted by Meri Brown

’Sister Wives’: Cryptic Message Posted by Meri Brown

The victim mentality takes a terrible toll on human health. So the never-ending question “Why me?” does more harm than good. In the same way, Meri Brown has often talked about how she was lonely in Brown’s nest. The Sister Wives star felt like an outsider when she hung out with Kody Brown and his other wives.

In addition, it was the patriarch of the family who gave the first wife such a derailed emotional experience. As a result, the reality star felt completely alone. Now, however, Meri has made it clear that she is a “survivor” and not a victim.

’Sister Wives’: Cryptic Message Posted by Meri Brown

The crumbling spiritual bond between Kody Brown and Meri Brown never made sense. Well, at first the patriarch did shower Meri with love. But when Janelle joined the fraternity, Melt felt extremely lonely. At times, Kody Brown never acknowledged how his actions hurt Meri.

So, in an attempt to save her relationship, she did everything in her power to save her marriage. But in the end, the Sister Wives’ star-crossed bond crumbled. And now when we see Meri Brown, she constantly posts certain cryptic posts that define her thoughts and the current situations she may be going through.

Likewise, the reality star posted a short cryptic message in her latest Instagram story that left fans wondering. The message was that someone asked him how he keeps his head up after going through such horrible things. Meri Brown responded that he was able to overcome obstacles easily as a ‘survivor’, not a victim. Well, the sister star didn’t mention which obstacles she was talking about.

However, TLC fans are sure it might have something to do with Kody. In addition, there have been times when Meri defined her relationship with Kody as bitter and claimed through her stories that she would win the man back.

This attitude, however, gave fans the feeling that Meri was desperate for Kody’s love and attention. Well, she stuck to his unrealistic cunning rules to be Kody in a good way. So when that didn’t happen, the first wife was heartbroken. And during Tell-All, Kody Brown mentioned that he would never come back to Mer. So that was a hard time that Meri went through, and now it seems she’s coming out of her victim mentality and declaring herself a survivor.

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