Sister Wives: Did Meri Brown and Kody Brown Just Admit To Using CBD?

Sister Wives: Did Meri Brown and Kody Brown Just Admit To Using CBD?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown was live on her Facebook page, trying to make a sale for LuLaRoe. But suddenly, Kody Brown interrupted her while she was live and asked her to sign some documents. She didn’t make it clear what it was about. However, Kody Brown asked her to make a copy, and Meri had to tell the fans to wait.

Sister Wives: Did Meri Brown and Kody Brown Just Admit To Using CBD?

But during the waiting period, fans heard Kody Brown say he was extremely stressed and tried everything to beat him. One thing you should know is that Audrey and Mariah Brown were in town and they gave her a product to help her cope with some stress.

When Meri Brown asked Kody Brown what he used to relieve stress, the answer might shock someone. Now, we know they’re Mormons and fundamentalists who don’t drink or smoke. To the surprise of many, the substance they were talking about was CBD. They also said it tastes bad and that the oil leaves a film in the mouth.

Now, CBD is something found in the gray area. While CBD oils considering THC in negligible amounts do not usually cause a high if taken in appropriate doses, if the THC level is high, we can get what Kody Brown meant by stress release! It is not even clear if they are using CBD derived from hemp or marijuana, because the legal status for both is different.

Sister Wives: What Was Meri Brown Signing?

It was kind of weird how Kody Brown swooped into Meri Brown’s life and rushed her to sign whatever documents he wanted her to sign. Now, he did that to Christine Brown earlier. When she was trying to sell something online, Kody Brown told her he wanted cereal. Now,back to the papers that Meri was signing. She said the word “title,” which indicates it might have something to do with Robyn and her request for an immediate loan of $150,000.

We can’t be sure why the family is using this money. It could be their income or there’s a chance they could also use it to build something on their Coyote Pass land. Now that the shooting’s not going on right now, they’re completely closed. Although Christine Brown has stated live that there will be another season. But the biggest confusion seems to be what the Browns are doing for work.

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  1. It’s no big deal about the CBD. As for kody, the guy is an idiot. He truly is a narcissist. He’s so wrapped up in himself. He’s so selfish, and self centered. He picks women he can get take advantage of. Lastly, why is he making final decisions on everything? The ridiculous move from Vegas reminded me of something an 18 year old would plan. There was no plan. They blindly follow him. So sad.

  2. I Could Never live Thier Life—
    But Using CBD is a Smart Move!!
    It Works–Its Legal–and I have
    Enjoy watching Sister Wives
    since the Very First Season!!!

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