Sister Wives: Does Meri Have a Poor Relationship With Her Husband?

Sister Wives: Does Meri Have a Poor Relationship With Her Husband?

Meri Brown was quick to silence Kody Brown’s chatter that he had four wives pulling his strings and telling him what to do. The conversation came up as Kody Brown and his family decided to visit the Darger family in Utah. It turned out that the Dargers and the Browns had been friends for a long time. But it had been a while since they had seen each other. Joe Darger got a brief glimpse of Kody Brown’s wives telling him what to do during their visit. And he wondered if that was how Kdy felt.

Joking with Joe Darger, Kody admits to feeling like a puppet with four strings. One for each of his wives to control. Not surprisingly, his wives didn’t find that referring to them as controlling or overbearing was as funny as he thought it would be.

Meri, however, may have been the least amused of the group. Sitting on a couch not too close to Kody, Meri announced that she never asks him for anything. Likewise, she seems to double down. She doubles down on the fact that she doesn’t really need her husband. She can function and do things without him. The whole room seems to get a little tense and awkward after Meri puts Kody in his place.

Sister Wives: Does Meri Have a Poor Relationship With Her Husband?

Sister Wives fans aren’t really sure what to think about Kody and Meri. The series paints a picture of a troubled couple. A couple without intimacy. And a couple that doesn’t seem to truly love each other.

Even Robyn acknowledged during tonight’s episode that the problems between him and Meri run much deeper. Likewise, Robyn didn’t think the living room of a friend’s house was the place to discuss relationship issues.

Meri, however, insists on a different story on Instagram. She notes that she loves Kody Brown. And she doesn’t owe anyone the details of her relationship. She is a grown woman with her own life and her own friends. The Sister Wives series paints a certain narrative about her and her relationship with Kody Brown…. And there’s not much she can do about it.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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