Sister Wives: Kody Questions If He’s The ‘Drama Problem’

Sister Wives: Kody Questions If He’s The ‘Drama Problem’

Kody Brown’s plural family is falling around him and he wonders if he might be the problem. During the preview of next week’s episode, we see Kody struggling with being responsible for so much in his four relationships and his many children. He can’t help but wonder if things would be better if he just let go and let his wives handle things.

Sister Wives: Kody Questions If He’s The ‘Drama Problem’

The Sister Wives family has a serious problem with the drama. For starters, none of Kody Brown’s wives seem to get along. Likewise, Janelle is the only one who seems to want to make the plural lifestyle work. She wants to live under one roof with her husband and his sister wives. But no one else seems to be interested.

Also, Robyn Brown admitted last week that she never knew what it was like to live near her sister wives. Their family fell apart and they had to quickly leave Utah after changes in the law made them all criminals. The family made the decision to leave in the middle of the night. Fearing that they would otherwise be thrown in jail.

Today, many Brown family members agree that it was that rush to move and try to plant roots somewhere else that created all their problems. Kody Brown, however, admits that he’s beginning to wonder if he’s the problem. During the preview of next week’s episode, we hear Kody wondering if he’s the “drama problem” in their family.

As we reported earlier, Kody Brown blames himself for the state of his family. He feels like a failure as a plural husband. This was something that seemed hard for some of his wives to hear. Because, for better or worse, they love their husband.

At the beginning of tonight’s episode, Kody Brown complained about having four bossy wives. Towards the middle of the episode, he talked about being their puppet. But, in the preview, it looks like he’s ready to let them take control. Is Kody Brown the family’s “dramatic problem”?

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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