Sister Wives: Does Robyn Brown Get Her Forever Home?

Sister Wives: Does Robyn Get Her Forever Home?

Sister Wives celebrity Kody Brown seemed to inadvertently reveal something about Robyn Brown that would change the game plan. As this season’s episodes ended, Sister Wives’ followers started to smell something dirty with Coyote Pass. That’s because this house has been empty for so long.

Kody Brown dragged that whiteboard presentation out about two years ago. He used his Sister Wives motto, go-one-go-all as he outlined his proposed move to Flagstaff. Immediately after, the family settled on the purchase of their Coyote Pass land. But it’s still untouched.

Seed Planted for Kody

The family made a few visits to their new land this season. But the Sister Wives’ spectators saw nothing like it at the start of a construction site on Coyote Pass. The land was the scene of an impromptu swimming party and a huge explosion among the adults.

The Sister Wives’ family also ate pizza, hot dogs and hamburgers at the construction site before it turned into a truck stop. But that land is still intact as far as construction is concerned.

During this Sister Wives season, Kody offered some clues to a possible new direction. It seems there are other uses for those construction plots that caught his attention.

Kody Brown saw the sound of the dollar after a trip to his lawyer and lit it on the rent draft in Flagstaff. But the patriarch of the Sister Wives met with the dagger eyes of his four wives as he tried to explain how they could turn that land into mountains of money.

It seems that if Kody Brown builds houses but rents them instead of moving in, he could make a lot of money. But after the response from his sister wives, that seemed to be the end of that story.

As reported by Soap Dirt, the land has gone up in value. Its value is now 33 percent higher since they bought it. They made this purchase for $820,000 about two years ago.

In December, its value has risen to about a million dollars. This means that Kody Brown could potentially make a profit of $300,000 after owning the land for less than two years.

So a quick sale of the land without even a shack would make him a nice profit. But, as Robyn Brown protested, they plan to build their homes on that property forever.

Sister Wives: Does Robyn Get Her Forever Home?

This land holds a dream for the four ladies of the Sister Wives clan. They imagine replicating the cul-da-sac of Las Vegas. This was a place that, according to them, offered the ideal living situation for a plural marriage.

The project is to build houses where the spouses of the Sister Wives will all grow old together. But Kody Brown thinks he’s a businessman and the new information about the value of the land keeps dancing around in his head. Now that the land is worth much more than what they bought it for, what’s his next move?

When Kody Brown bought Robyn Brown’s new house in Flagstaff, documents indicate that he also purchased another plot of land adjacent to that property. He claims he did in case one of his adult children decided to settle in Flagstaff.

But if so, why not buy more land on or near Coyote Pass, near where the family plans to live? Kody tried to entice his friends to buy land in Coyote Pass. So, that indicates there’s property available there.

As the episodes unfolded this season, the clues and clues continued to grow. The last episode of Sister Wives shows Kody and Robyn moving into their new home. But something she says offers another possible clue for her future plans. It also suggests where Robyn might end up settling down for good.

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. I can’t stand Robin Brown that face is so solum and phony. If he’s good to just live with her he needs to tell the other ladies it’s over. He is so sickening I don’t understand how those women can stand him touching them. Can’t they see they are being used so he can have a TV show?

  2. Getting her forever home… who cares?
    Really? This is so absurd they have long overstayed their welcome on television.

  3. Time for all five to get real jobs and make a living like everyone else. I think the worst thing that happened to TV is reality shows. They think they are someone important just because they are TV. They think way to much of themselves. kody is a nobody with no job, a user of women, and a pimp with four women keeping him from being homeless. The only difference for him is the name he gives himself of DAD but he doesn’t raise them the women do that alone.

  4. Last season was a disappointment. Plans for their forever home seems to have fallen into a dismal crater.
    It’s a much better show when they are all together.
    Can’t understand their money issues with all the vacations
    and lavish weddings. They certainly live like Divas. Expensive houses. Best of everything.

  5. I don’t like Robin neither. She is so phony. Always looking as if she is about to cry. She joined the clan with 3 kids , and acting like the head wives. She disgust me. (The favorite one).

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