Sister Wives: Obsession Takes Over

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown imagines how different life could be as Kody Brown offers the Brown family’s life today. The Sister Wives move into their separate homes during this time. But Kody focuses on what it is like for him.

Janelle sees the events in life today as the perfect example of why the family should follow Kody’s guidance. At the same time, Kody describes a period of ho-hum while stuck at home. But she never lets you know which house he’s in now.

Kody At a Loss for Words?

Kody Brown described what it was like for him during his stay with four spouses in different places. Kody started hoarding wives almost 30 years ago. So, he spent nearly three decades with some of these ladies, particularly his first three wives, including Janelle Brown.

Still, Kody seems to find it hard to find things in common between his Sister Wives partners for a chat. He claims that life has become a bit boring without much happening. Their communication between households is based on technology. But it sounds like the patriarch, after all these years together, is stumbling for a conversation.

Kody claims that he and the Sister Wives only talk about the kids. Once they talk about the children, who are home schooled, that’s about it, says the leader of the family. Janelle Brown foresaw a different fate for them if they all lived together.

Sister Wives: Obsession Takes Over

Kody Brown also said that coronavirus chatter’s an “obsession” in his conversations with the Sister Wives. They talk about whether they have sick friends or whether they know someone with the virus. Meri Brown seems like the only wife who goes out regularly. Meanwhile, Christine and Janelle remain virtually still.

But, Meri says to limit where she goes to run her “daily errands.” So, she seems to go out, but she’s careful, even though she likes to stay home. While Kody didn’t say which of the Sister Wives is home, fans think she’s with Robyn Brown.

The fourth wife of the Sister Wives tribe said she talked more than usual to the other family members. That’s because they have all this time at home. But if it was up to Janelle, things would be different today.

Written by Christine Cohan

Christine Cohan is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. I could not imagine why any man would want a bunch of wives, also could not share my husband with other women. Kody will stay with the younger one until he marries a younger wife,then Robyn will feel what the other wives are dealing with. The smartest one is Meri,bc she has carved out a life for herself.

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