Sister Wives: Yet Another Kody Mess

Sister Wives: Yet Another Kody Mess

Sister Wives celeb, Janelle, shoots Kody Brown a look that could make your toes curl after he spit a complaint to his tired second wife. In the last episodes, as well as the next one, Kody seems to show his true colors. But where do his worries really end?

Janelle Brown is the spouse of the Sister Wives who seems to practice the old ways. She’s proven time and again that old adage that if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. But she seems to have come very close to throwing old fashioned values out the window. Well, at least for a moment after Kody made a complaint.

It Looks Like Janelle Holds Back the Sympathy

The Patriarch of the Sister Wives has a tendency to take everything that happens at that moment and make it an object. The most recent case has to do with Maddie Brown Brush in labor.

Janelle rushed to North Carolina to be with her daughter. She’s had very little sleep and her looks can’t hide her fatigue.

In the flies a cool-looking Kody with Christine. The parents of both sister wives also want to be present at the birth. Janelle Brown looks tired and at that point she just wants to sleep.

There’s a conversation about Maddie’s labor. But Janelle suggests that in situations involving the birth of a baby there is no plan for the timing. So, she’s ready to let mother nature drive the bus.

The nun’s 18-year-old father wife turns it upside down. Now everything revolves around him. He tells Janelle Brown he’s under so much stress that it’s making him sick. If this was a cartoon, Janelle would have smoke coming out of her ears. But with Janelle Brown being Janelle, he says nothing.

Apparently Maddie’s long labor is an inconvenience to this Sister Wives husband of four children. While Janelle Brown’s facial expression seemed to say all that, she never said a negative word to her husband. But there is another Sister Wives Mom who handles things differently with Kody when things like this come up.

Sister Wives: Yet Another Kody Mess

Another example was Robyn Brown’s trip to Coyote Pass in the last episode. She went with Kody to retrieve some toys from the moving trucks. Kody hired four trucks to move Robyn from her Sisters Wives rental house.

Since the house they’re buying is fully furnished, there’s no room for her things. Since the closing of the house is late, they rent this house day by day until it belongs to this couple of Sister Wives after closing.

This means that they cannot move the other furniture outside and her inside until they own the house. So, Robyn’s belongings are in four moving trucks on Coyote Pass.

While Kody Brown’s younger wife brought toys to the new house for her two little ones, she only packed a few. So Robyn and Kody headed over to Coyote Pass to bring Solomon Brown and Ariella Brown more toys stored in the trucks.

On Sunday’s episode, three weeks had passed since they parked everything Robyn owns on their vacant lot in four big trucks. She said the kids are getting bored with the few toys they have. So, they’re there to find replacements.

Written by Christine Cohan

Christine Cohan is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. I agree with Beverly Wiseman! King Kody has to have it all his way or he will have another ugly dancing fit. He thinks he’s God’s gift to women. He’s a true Narcissist!

  2. Meri got a divorce from kody so he can adopt her kids and now they treat mari like all this time put them all in one house pay that rent.and they can start building there homes and as for christine she has to stop being crazy when kodys with all of the wives .you all wanted to be with this man.and you all take his shit .tell im to move on and take care of your children
    Even his own kids want away from him .

    • I sooo agree with you. Mari has been treated like she’s an afterthought ever since the divorce. If I were Mari I’d go run my B&B and say to heck with them all.

  3. Kody has an ego bigger that the Eiffel Tower. He is so selfish and self centered. I just do not see what any of these women see in him. He is lazy as heck and offers nothing to that big family except his need for sex. Move on ladies. you can do so much more without him

  4. Why he moved from Vegas was thinking they were going to double there money, did not likely happen so when they got to flagstaff they thought they would be welcome with open arms, don’t think so, so now he is really in a mess, best thing to happen to the older set of kids is that they found there one and only, settled down some where and like Maddie raise a family. So glad for those kids, now the 16 year old one wants to live with Maddie, go to college, why not, cuz kody says no? There is a reason why these kids did not want to be sister wives, and can’t wait till the real truth is spoken about it by a tell all! You go meri, and Janelle, the other 2 Christine, Robyn can have him! Loser!

  5. These women are idiots – Kody wants rid of all of them. He thinks he is a stud and wants to have younger women (younger than Robin).

  6. Marie for a month we of a son with a genetic issue I am so proud of the attitude you and husband have towards the future your daughter will face. I always told my son he is special and no different than anyone and if you want to achieve something important to her go for it. She is a beautiful baby . As a nurse I look past children’s problems I have seen it all in my lifetime god made them special sweet Evie

  7. Madie I have a son with a genetic issue I am so proud of the attitude you and husband have towards the future your daughter will face. I always told my son he is special and no different than anyone and if you want to achieve something important for her go for it. She is a beautiful baby . As a nurse I look past children’s problems I have seen it all in my lifetime god made them special sweet Evie

  8. I enjoyed the show but when Kody married Robin it went to hell. The show needs to be taken off the air.

  9. Is Kody on drugs. I mean he is acting like a tyrant and no one is happy. He seems to be worried about no one but himself. He’s acting like an ass! There is always an outer reason for a spouse to treat his family and wife or wives so cold.

  10. Why the hell did they move from Vegas because they were built they said they were their forever homes

  11. All 5 of these people(kody+wives)come from plural marriage backgrounds so they are well aware of how it works.Kody is NOT the Devil&Meri IS NOT A VICTIM! Meri DOES NOT take responsibility on Any Level for Any of her actions,EVER!! She acts like no one tries to include her but its her that excludes herself.I think Kody&ALL of the other w have MORE than tried to keep her involved in this relationship.MERI IS ALL ABOUT MERI&I think Kody shoulda told her to get to steppin along time ago.Does no one remember when she was trying to step outside the marriage? They say she was catfished&I say she was bitch slapped by Karma.If the person she was catfished/bitch slapped by woulda been legit she woulda left these people behind in a heartbeat.If she isn’t happy then move the f..k on&be happy elsewhere cuz No One seems to be trying to stop ya.Stop acting like Kody is Warren Jeffs&walk away.

  12. Because he decided he wanted to move and take away all the security that family had at living in the Cul de sac in Los Vegas, and move them away to nothing. He’s just trying to get back to Utah… they don’t want him… Pride will be he’s down fall.

  13. Kody Brown is most definitely a narcissist!! These women are so brain washed. It’s his way or the highway if you don’t agree with him. What do they see in him ? He’s ugly, angry, throws little kid tantrums. He’s just dispicable. I sure don’t feel sorry for him. He deserves everything he gets !!

  14. Kody is a sleezy low life lazy poor excuse of a person. He ruining the show. Stupidest move he made to Az. The women sould of stood firm and stayed in Vehas. Coyote pass is not going to happen. He is a narcissist one of the best. What a pig.

  15. I got to tell you all this.Yes Cody’s married to 4 wives. Only one is on paper, Robyn. They didn’t move from Utah because of the law. They all move to Vegas, because yes the law was watching them very close, but it wasn’t because of him having 4 wives. Since Cody is only married to 1, there’s no law he is breaking.
    He wanted to boast ratings, for his show. And when I say his show. Thats because it’s all about him. Utah was watching them because, Cody doesn’t work. And Utah knows this. They didn’t want any of his wives collecting Welfare.In this state it is illegal to cohabitate. It’s a old law and not inforced, cause about 85% of the state does it. So they could have gotten Cody for that, but since most of the people are doing it they don’t in force it. I can’t stand Cody and it was said that he begged TLC, to do another season. If they did they would only have to pay him. He doesn’t have a real job, but going to 4 house’s to screw all his wives except Meri. Well let’s face it that’s hard work. Karma, is starting to fall upon all of them. And since Cody’s, the king well I’d like to see his lazy ass go out and find a real job. Since pimping isn’t a real job.

  16. Since this article is very subjective and based totally on the author’s opinion, I don’t have much to say for or against the comments in it. I am not a polygamist, and find no basis for it in the new testament of the Bible. That being said, I do appreciate that the sister wives appear to support each other. They have their opinions as any wife should. I love that they give Jody he’ll. He is not so high on my list as husbands go.

  17. Kody is an ass. For someone who professes to be so Godly, he sure does some rotten things. He has become so self absorbed it’s ridiculous. I can’t believe that his religious beliefs say that his word is the last. I’d put up with his crap for about a half a second. Marriage is a partnership whether you’re married to 1 person or 4. These wives should sit him down for a “Come to Jesus” meeting and explain to him that he needs to learn about mutual respect. Not to mention that their opinions are just as important as anything he has to say. They are all intelligent women and deserve to be heard.

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