Sister Wives: Yet Another Kody Mess

Sister Wives: Yet Another Kody Mess

Sister Wives celeb, Janelle, shoots Kody a look that could make your toes curl after he spit a complaint to his tired second wife. In the last episodes, as well as the next one, Kody Brown seems to show his true colors. But where do his worries really end?

Janelle Brown is the spouse of the Sister Wives who seems to practice the old ways. She’s proven time and again that old adage that if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. But she seems to have come very close to throwing old fashioned values out the window. Well, at least for a moment after Kody Brown made a complaint.

It Looks Like Janelle Holds Back the Sympathy

The Patriarch of the Sister Wives has a tendency to take everything that happens at that moment and make it an object. The most recent case has to do with Maddie Brown Brush in labor.

Janelle rushed to North Carolina to be with her daughter. She’s had very little sleep and her looks can’t hide her fatigue.

In the flies a cool-looking Kody Brown with Christine Brown. The parents of both sister wives also want to be present at the birth. Janelle Brown looks tired and at that point she just wants to sleep.

There’s a conversation about Maddie’s labor. But Janelle suggests that in situations involving the birth of a baby there is no plan for the timing. So, she’s ready to let mother nature drive the bus.

The nun’s 18-year-old father wife turns it upside down. Now everything revolves around him. He tells Janelle Brown he’s under so much stress that it’s making him sick. If this was a cartoon, Janelle would have smoke coming out of her ears. But with Janelle Brown being Janelle, he says nothing.

Apparently Maddie’s long labor is an inconvenience to this Sister Wives husband of four children. While Janelle Brown’s facial expression seemed to say all that, she never said a negative word to her husband. But there is another Sister Wives Mom who handles things differently with Kody when things like this come up.

Sister Wives: Yet Another Kody Mess

Another example was Robyn Brown’s trip to Coyote Pass in the last episode. She went with Kody to retrieve some toys from the moving trucks. Kody Brown hired four trucks to move Robyn from her Sisters Wives rental house.

Since the house they’re buying is fully furnished, there’s no room for her things. Since the closing of the house is late, they rent this house day by day until it belongs to this couple of Sister Wives after closing.

This means that they cannot move the other furniture outside and her inside until they own the house. So, Robyn’s belongings are in four moving trucks on Coyote Pass.

While Kody Brown’s younger wife brought toys to the new house for her two little ones, she only packed a few. So Robyn and Kody headed over to Coyote Pass to bring Solomon Brown and Ariella Brown more toys stored in the trucks.

On Sunday’s episode, three weeks had passed since they parked everything Robyn owns on their vacant lot in four big trucks. She said the kids are getting bored with the few toys they have. So, they’re there to find replacements.


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