Sister Wives Fans Assume Robyn Brown Is Kody’s Favorite

Sister Wives Fans Assume Robyn Brown Is Kody’s Favorite

Sister Wives fans have recently noticed that Kody Brown seems to have a pet name only for one of his wives.

Sister Wives Fans Assume Robyn Brown Is Kody’s Favorite

TLC fans assume Robyn is Kody Brown’s favorite wife. You can see he seems to be more affectionate with her than Meri Brown, Janelle Brown or Christine Brown. Also, there’s no denying that he divorced Meri. He divorced her, legally, so he could marry Robyn. He married Robyn to adopt his three children from a different marriage.

With all that in mind… Fans were a little stunned when Kody Brown and Robyn Brown fought so hard in Season 14. We saw them arguing about moving out. And we saw them arguing about whether to buy or rent. It was the bulk of Season 14. Most Sister Wives fans found it extremely disappointing.

During the Season Finale… Sister Wives fans called attention to an animal name. A pet name that Kody Brown used for Robyn Brown. Fans suggested that the animal’s name proved to care more about Robyn Brown than the others. Janelle Brown, however, did not.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Responded To Fans questions About Pet Names.

During the Sister Wives season finale, a fan tweeted directly to Janelle Brown. They wondered why Kody had a nickname for Robyn… But he didn’t seem to have one for anyone else.

As those who follow Janelle Brown know… …she’s always ready to defend her marriage to Kody Brown. She’s quick to defend polygamy. And she’s quick to defend the Brown family completely. That’s probably truer for her than her sister wives. No wonder this moment on Twitter was no exception. She was quick to put the sister wives’ Twitter user in their place.

Janelle Brown noticed that Kody Brown also had a nickname for her. She claimed he called her “honey.” Also, she added that she wasn’t a fan of Robyn Brown’s name. In fact, she admitted she had a problem with being called “love” all the time.

From Janelle’s point of view, Kody Brown just has a different nickname for each of his wives. Besides, she doesn’t see it as a sign of favoritism. Just like they have different names… They have different animal names. Makes sense to her.

Written by Christine Cohan

Reality TV Writer / Editor


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