Sister Wives: Kody Tests the Water

Sister Wives: Kody Tests the Water

Sister Wives’ star, Kody Brown, has really stood out this season when it comes to the devoted fans of his popular reality show TLC. While people have enjoyed teasing him about his infatuation with his hair and his bedroom show, he has upped the ante in behavior.

It seems that people today despise this Sister Wives Patriarch more than at any other time during his ten-year reality show.

Sister Wives: Kody Tests the Water

Kody Brown seemed to have abandoned one of his online sites. His last post on this site was about two years ago. But for some reason, he seemed to have interrupted that long pause with a selfie post outside a pizzeria. It was like he decided to test the water after a long period of absence. Fans came straight to the post with comments for the Sister Wives, husband of four children.

In the last few weeks since that post went up, the comments of the Sister Wives paint a picture. You can see the anger of the fans growing with the episodes of the season. Fans have ignored Kody Brown because he claims to be religious, but the way he treats his wives is horrendous according to some fans on social media.

While some comments talk about the way he treats his “wives,” many mention Meri Brown in particular. It should come as no surprise to anyone if they saw the last season. It seems the Sister Wives have gone too far with the drama.

This has given Kody Brown a reputation that leaves him a long way to go to redeem himself. Although the Sister Wives may have gone so far with Kody’s behavior that they have passed that redeemable point for the patriarch.

Sister Wives: Fan Offers Warning to Kody and a Dozen Back It Up

The comments made about Kody Brown suggest that he should be ashamed of himself to begin with. They then wonder how he can label this plural marriage under the umbrella of religion. Some even offer quotations from the Bible that contradict what viewers see on the Sister Wives show.

Kody Brown is now the subject of comments on many social media sites. With the release of this season’s episodes, the comments seem to have coincided with the intensity of the show.

One of the most recent comments, seen above, warns Kody Brown that he is “quickly” becoming one of the most “hated” people on a reality TV show. They go a little further and suggest that perhaps this is Kody’s intention. A dozen followers of Sister Wives “liked” the comment.

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  1. He is a narcissist dick. Never seen him play, interact with his kids, except youngest two. Meri hangs around for story line. Hope she finds the “one”!

  2. Everyone is allowed their form of religion however religion does not give you the right to treat your wife worse than you would a skunk. God does not condone nor will he reward your type of behavior. Live up to the choices you made and show your children how to be a honest, reliable man who treats each of his wife’s equally and like each wife is the center of your heart. You have caused this huge rift. It’s time you fixed it and you accept responsibility for the issues and things go back to a vote where the majority is final. If you can’t manage that maybe it is time you stepped away. If you’re willing to do that then you are not the man that you once we’re.

  3. Kody you need to work on your marriage to Meri . That should come first not whether Robin wants to buy or rent . If she is your favorite, I cannot see why . She seems annoying to the core . A big cry baby to bat .

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