Sister Wives: Fans Have Slammed Robyn Brown For Making The Entire Family Move To Arizona

Sister Wives: Fans Have Slammed Robyn Brown For Making The Entire Family Move To Arizona

Sister Wives Kody Brown’s “favorite” wife Robyn Brown has confirmed that the entire family has moved to Arizona for their son’s university – and the fans are not happy.

Last year Robyn Brown told viewers her son Dayton Brown, 20, had won a scholarship at the University of Arizona and said he had “followed” the rest of the family to Flagstaff.

But Kody Brown and his four wives struggled to get along and settled more than a thousand miles from their first home. Meanwhile, the other women seem to hate their new lives, and fans have long blamed Robyn Brown and Drayton, believing they’ve been pushed for the move.

Robyn Brown has now seemingly confirmed their theory as she tweeted this week: “Dayton decided to live at home during college and Aurora plans to live at home while she goes to college so we can afford it. “So I had to have enough bedrooms to pay for that.”

And one viewer answered, “Finally! I’ve seen so many people say that the move to Arizona was to let Robyn’s child live at home! Nice to see at least part of this acknowledged.” Said again: “It has always been said that that was the reason for the move. I believe it.”

And another tweet: “It was Robyn’s idea – says here that she doesn’t consider Vegas her home, she’s worried that Vegas is a bad influence and needs Dayton to settle down [before] he STARTS College #SisterWives This whole season seems to be a farce so Robyn Brown could look like a martyr [to] viewers [with] Kody’s help.”

In tweets she shared last year, she had originally said to the fans: “We were so excited when Dayton was admitted to @NAU. He could also get a scholarship. The campus is so beautiful! “He was planning to go to UNLV, but when the idea of the move came up, he rushed and applied to @NAU in the nick of time.

“I was relieved when he decided to come with us to Flagstaff.” It’s because the fans wanted to know if Kody Brown hunted with Robyn and not his other wives during the coronavirus outbreak.

Fans went to Reddit to speculate where the Brown family patriarch was hunting when the coronavirus pandemic engulfed the country. Many of them concluded that he might stay with Robyn.

Fans pointed out that the other women – Christine, Meri and Janelle Brown – posted photos on their social media without him. One fan wrote: “I think we all know the answer to this … They would use the excuse that she has all the youngest children.

“And they’re the ones who would need 2 parents for quarantine to help with schoolwork and stuff like that. But we all know it’s only so he can be with her for two weeks in a row.”

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