Sister Wives: Is Meri Brown Still In Vegas?

Sister Wives: Is Meri Brown Still In Vegas?

TLC ‘Sister Wives’ Spoilers prende in giro il fatto che la famiglia si è trasferita a Flagstaff, Arizona, da Las Vegas, Nevada. There has been a lot of drama since the move and the women are still fighting about who gets which piece of land. Fans have come to think that one of the women doesn’t live in Arizona at all and that she is still in Vegas. That’s right, a lot of fans have examined Meri Brown’s photos on Instagram and they think she never moved! We’ve got the story for you!

Sister Wives: Is She Still In Vegas?

All the Browns moved to Arizona in 2018 and are still very unstable. They are constantly arguing about the interior design and this idea of the big house. Meri Brown has told the family that she is very unhappy with the idea of living together and she wants a home and a space of her own. We also know that Meri has her own business where she needs space for her inventory. This is one of the reasons the fans think she stayed in Vegas until the new houses are built.

Sister Wives: Is Meri Brown Still In Vegas?

Meri’s fans also think that her social media posts have shown that she’s not in Flagstaff. She has posted about her travels and her business, but she hasn’t really shared pictures of her family lately. The last photo she posted of her husband or the ‘Sister Wives’ was all the way back in November 2019! She has been very active on social media, but not a single post from the family. This seems very strange, right?

Many fans think it might be because now all he uses Instagram for is promoting his LulaRoe activity. Another fan pointed out that the most recent post she made was about how Las Vegas was shut down because of the Coronavirus. She could have just been visiting or she could still live there. Nobody really knows right now, but there’s a lot of speculation.

One last thing that fans are pointing out is that Meri has brought all of her LulaRoe inventory with her on her trip to Vegas. Does this seem weird? We know she sells it online, but there’s no reason to take it on vacation. It’s just getting more and more fishy!

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